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Worlds first ever tandem backflip to dirt!

Worlds first ever tandem backflip to dirt!


Yet another ground breaking trick tonight from the Gladiator Games this time with Petr Pilat as the pilot and the Mayor of Prague as the passenger a world first tandem backflip to dirt….I wonder if Boris Johnson the Mayor of London would have the balls to attempt something like this – I very much doubt it!
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  1. Gary

    Hardly a worlds first, travis pastrana has done it!!!

  2. Snap

    Yeah, this is not the worlds first?!

    Do you guys do any research?

  3. Austin

    Watch the Evil Knievel Tribute with Matt Hoffman and Travis Pastrana because it’s already been done. I think he even did it again for the show during the Guinness Records episode. Get your info straight before you call first.

  4. Griffin431

    ya Americans did it first already and other countries try and take the glory, again

  5. Nance

    @ Gary, Snap, Austin and Griffin: I was also in the pressroom and during the interview Travis and Andy Bell said themselfs that this was the first ever tandem backflip on dirt. He once did it with ‘smaller’ person, but that was on a step up and the landing was on soft ‘turf’ …. and very first time he did it, was in the foampit with his mom, where she broke her neck.

    This was the very first tandem backflip on a superkicker, with a full grown person and on a landing that was the same height as the superkicker in front of it.

    There is a lot of difference …

  6. peter manning

    I believe what is meant is first large city MAYOR to do this. Come on guys. Get the drift.

  7. Jay_r

    T-P has done that before!!!!!
    and also matt hoffmans tribute to evil Knivel


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