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Max Anstie VS Ricky Carmichael

Max Anstie VS Ricky Carmichael

Max Anstie VS Ricky Carmichael

Max Anstie is currently in the USA racing the Monster Energy Supercross Series before his return to Europe and the GP’s.

His performance at A1 was solid with his team manager Thomas Ramsbacher explaining, “We were hoping to get a top-10 result, and that is exactly what we achieved, so we’re very happy with this result. Our main focus stays with the 2013 Grand Prix season and Max is riding the first few Supercross races as part of his preparation for this. Any decent result in this very specific discipline – and in front of a packed Anaheim Stadium – is definitely a plus!”

Max was also pleased with his performance, “The whole experience of being in the US has been great so far. It’s nice to be welcomed into the Suzuki family on the other side of the world. The people at ASMC and Yoshimura help us out any way they can; and we can use the Suzuki test track for training, which helps to get both the bike and Max more competitive every ongoing week.”

Check out the video below of Max and Ricky Carmichael getting work done at the Suzuki test track.

Image by Simon Cudby


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