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How-To Install Renthal Handlebars

How-To Install Renthal Handlebars

Renthal is proud to release a complete how-to video series on the installation of Renthal products with the help of our good friend and technician Jay Clark.

Each video takes you through the complete installation process of Renthal products for the offroad motocross market and includes many tips and tricks used by factory mechanics over the years to give you the best finished result with the least amount of skinned knuckles and wrench tossing.

First up 7/8″ Handlebars, Twinwall & Fatbar Handlebars



In the event of any crash, it is a wise precaution to make sure that the handlebars have not been damaged. Check also that none of the controls have come loose and that the handlebar has not moved in the triple top clamps.

In the event of a severe crash the handlebar must be replaced. This is because in a crash the handlebar is the most stressed component on the motorcycle.

Do not attempt to straighten the handlebar

Do not modify the handlebars.

Do not centre punch or in any way mark the handlebar. Physical marking of the handlebar can lead to stress raisers.

Do not clean the handlebar with any form of metal polish or concentrated cleaning fluids.

The use of these products could damage the anodised finish of the handlebars.
Note that now even Silver 7/8″ handlebars are anodised.


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