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Y.M.S.A Championship round 12 from Dalton Report

Y.M.S.A Championship round 12 from Dalton Report

Y.M.S.A Championship round 12 from Dalton Report

It was another adrenaline fuelled day for the Y.M.S.A and the 12th championship at Dalton. The sky was clear, the sun was shining and the track had been carefully graded ready to race.

The mighty autos were first out. The track was still wet from earlier preparations making it slippery in places for the first race but that did not seem to affect the young riders. All riders got off to a flying start with Ben Clark, Oliver Woods and Kieran Danby battling for the top three spots. Oliver managed to steal a 1st place form Ben Clark in the second race of the day but a broken chain at the start of race three put him out of the running, placing him a disappointing 9th place overall.

The junior 65’s were next out with Lewis Hall having a great day getting a clean sweep in all three races. Danny Clark gave Hall a good run for his money coming in 2nd although Lewis Wood was hot on his wheels in the third race getting 3rd and a 3rd place overall.

The S/W 85 saw Daniel Shepherd make hole shot in the first race. He held on to the position throughout the race but did not manage to repeat the action in the following races with Ben Burridge taking 1st place. Connor Murfin had a great improvement in the second race coming in 4th after finishing 7th in race one. Unfortunately a broken chain in the third race saw Murfin roll in 17th but still managed a respectable 8th place overall.

The first race for the B/W was red flagged after 8 minutes and the result was taken from the previous lap making Will Jeonney the winner. He went on to earn himself hole shot and 1st place in the second race and hole shot again in race three but missed out on the win to Jack Naylor.

The three senior races were dominated by Alexander Hilton who took the top spot in all races, followed by Luke Atkinson 2nd. Ashley Wheelhouse just lost out to claiming another 3rd place in the last race after a battle with John Foster.

The Adult A races were filled with battles throughout with James Nottingham and Thomas Wightman having a great fight for 2nd in the first race and another battle in the second race for 3rd. Adam Stafford and Gareth Smart came to blows in all races to fight it out for 9th and 10th with each rider managing to get the upper hand during the day .Stafford finished the day on top claiming 8th places over all, just one point over Smart. Ryan Bruce had an excellent day taking the win in all three races.

Will Stafford had a good start to the day claiming hole shot in the first race for the Adult B but lost out on the win to Chris Lawson. Stafford started well in the following race but again could not keep the pace finishing 5th then things went from bad to worse with a 10th place in the final race of the day giving him a 5th place over all. Chris Lawson bagged 1st place overall.

Adult C had the largest gate of the day with 31 riders lined up ready to race. All riders got off to a good start in the first race with a very tight battle for hole shot between many of the riders with Craig Harrison just having the edge then going on for the win. Harrison unfortunately missed out on the win in the following two races to Andy Hall.

Written by Claire Worth

1: Ben Clark 2: Kieran Danby 3: Oliver Foxon
4: Luke Batty 5: Leon Travis 6: Hartley Rutley
1: Lewis Hall 2: Danny Clarke 3: Lewis Wood
4: Billy Firth 5: Charlie Boiston 6: Logan Wilcox
S/W 85
1: Ben Burridge 2: Daniel Shepherd 3: Sammy Price
4: Benjamin Knight 5: Reece Madden 6: David Softley
B/W 85
1: Will Jeonney 2: Jack Naylor 3: Robert Ainley
4: Jack Nottingham 5: Joe Jacques 6: Bradley Lilburn
1: Alexander Hilton 2: Luke Atkinson 3: Ashley Wheelhouse
4: John Foster 5: Daniel Strangeway 6: Vinni Croft
1: Ryan Bruce 2: Lee Harrison 3: James Nottingham
4: Ben Halfpenny 5: Thomas Wightman 6: Shane Loughman
1: Chris Lawson 2: James Walker 3: Rob Bamford
4: Ben Askew 5: Will Stafford 6: Andrew Cooper
1: Andy Hall 2: Craig Harrison 3: Mark Burchell
4: James Baker 5: Tony Ogden 6: John Pattison


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