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Womens World Champion Kiara Fontanesi goes 1-1 in the USA

Womens World Champion Kiara Fontanesi goes 1-1 in the USA

Womens World Champion Kiara Fontanesi goes 1-1 in the USA

She went to America to win, and so she did. Kiara Fontanesi after the great excitement for her world title, showed to be the best even in the U.S. In lake Elsinore, last round of the AMA Motocross, Kiara dominated from the beginning. She spent only a few hours on Thursday on the track and then focused on the two days round.

She slipped at the beginning of the official practice, but immediately took again the rythm. Unfortunately, when it was time to strike for the best lap, the practice were been suspended for an accident to one of her competitor.
The day didn’t begin at the best, but she did her best during the two motos.

In the first moto,  she passed 4th at the end of the first lap, and at half of the second lap Kiara was already the leader and could easily win in “solo”.
The second moto was even more easy: Kiara kicked off first and no one of her competitors could do anything to “get” her.

She was simply the best and Kiara greatly “paid” back both Yamaha and Monster, who gave her the chance to run this round. She’s been supported by the Rock River team, that never won a race before. This victory brought Kiara to receive compliments from the great Mitch Payton, owner of Pro Circuit brand.


“I’m so happy for this victory –she says.I want to thank everyone. Michele Rinaldi and his staff for a great coordination of this transfer, Yamaha, Monster, Yamaha USA that helped me in everything.  I came here to win, and so I did. It’s been great to be able to confront myself with my American rivals on a so different tracks compared to our European standards. I found myself immediately at ease and I was really looking forward to win this race. It’s been a year full of satisfactions.”


Now, Kiara will go back to Italy to join the last round of the Italian championship the next weekend in San Severino Marche and then, on September 23rd, she’ll close the season in Germany where the aim is…to win!!!”




1. Fontanesi (1-1); 2. Balbi (3-2); 3. Fiolek (2-3); 4. Geiger (5-5); 5. Higgins (8-4)


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