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WinterMX Series Round two report

WinterMX Series Round two report

The second round of the RipnRoll and Rhino Goo backed WinterMX series took place at Mepal Moto Park on Sunday. The track and weather were nearly as good as the racing action.

The promoters added a 65 cc juniors class to the event for this round and these younger riders showed exactly why they deserved a place in the series as soon as they took to the track. Lewis Fielder took control early on with a win in race one, but a DNF in race two unsettled his overall result. A single win was the order of the day, with a different rider taking the honours in each race. Denny Rapson was the man with the 23 second lead in race two over Carl Budge with Jordan Hearn following for third. Jordan got all the ingredients right in race three however and that win helped him secure the overall win. Carl Budge was solid on the day, his third and two seconds gave him second placed honours with Denny Rapson taking third place.

The small wheel class was always a close fought one. Jordan Eccles charged to wins in races one and three. A fourth place in race two stole the maximum points from him but was enough for first overall by two points over Ethan Gatenby who had taken the race two win to add to fourth and second places in the others. Jack Camwell might be the lad thinking about the series result, his third place overall for round two seems to have him in the current series lead by a single point over Drew Warren. All eyes on that one for round three.

The points on the day count in this series, so riders not in it for the series are always a threat for those looking for the series title. Jack Garner took three wins in the Big Wheel class to leave us all thinking what might have been if he’d been there for round one. Alfie Bowtell is the man wishing that Gardner had not turned up. He scored two fourths and a second place to continue his run of second overall in the each round and now leads the series going into the final event. William Wall must have his sights firmly on Bowtell. Wall has been third to Bowtell in each of the rounds so far, so follows him second in the series for the decider on 20 February.

In round one Luke Newman scored fourth overall in the seniors, he put that right this time with two wins and a second which gave him first overall for round two. Damon Brooks was the man that felt the full force of Newmans new found form, he won round one, but swapped wins with him in round two and was runner up in two of the races which scored him second overall. Mr consistent in this class was Alec Carefoot with three third place finishes and third on the day.

Round one Adult class Winner Sam Simmons was joined at the front of the first race by Ryan Houghton who was setting lap times about three seconds quicker at times. Simmons got the early lead on a slower starting Houghton but was hunted down by the end and forced to settle for second place in race one. Race two was Simmons race, Houghton seemed to be having the worst luck with more time spent recovering from various issues than charging around the track. He withdrew from the race with a DNF score. Simmons took the opportunity to take command and showed us another of his monster leads, crossing the line nearly half a minute ahead of second place Matt White. First and second is how those two finished in the overall results. It is worth mentioning that the race three win went to Houghton after a pass on the final corner saw him win by 0.3 of a second! Houghton’s race two DNF hurt his overall score too much despite two wins and Jason Moorland was the man that took the third place overall.

Round two was as hotly contended as round one, round three remains and not a single class has a true runaway leader so the battle continues on 20 February where we are sure more riders will throw more ingredients into the mix. Book in now

65 Class 1st Jordan Hearn, 2nd Carl Budge, 3rd Denny Rapson, 4th Bradley Smith, 5th Lewis Fielder 6th Archie Osmaston
Small Wheels 1st Jordan Eccles, 2nd Ethan Gatenby, 3rd Jack Camwell, 4th Drew Warren, 5th Dexter Douglas, 6th Will Jeonney
Big Wheels 1st Jack Gardner, 2nd Alfie Bowtell, 3rd William Wall, 4th Nathan Dixon, 5th Ben Cole, 6th Lewis Houghton
Seniors 1st Luke Newman, 2nd Damon Brooks, 3rd Alec Carefoot, 4th George Redhead, 5th Simon Booth, 6th Jack Gregory
Adults 1st Sam Simmons, 2nd Matt White, 3rd Jason Moorland, 4th Carl Grantham, 5th David Sweet, 6th Kevin Gomm


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