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What A Kafuffle - East Kent SSC Report

What A Kafuffle - East Kent SSC Report

What A Kafuffle - East Kent SSC Report

Just when EKSSC thought they were going to get a good run of dry, warm weather; it decides to do the opposite and absolutely chuck it down with rain, at the Staplehurst track. It looked as if the riders would have to swap their MX machines for canoes, at one point; as they waited to kick start Rd 10 of their summer championship.

With the quick change in the weather playing havoc with the race order; meant that the youngest of the groups would have to sit tight while the bigger bikes got a few race blocks done before they would venture out onto the muddy track.
The Open group were first off the start gate to contend with the demanding conditions of both the track and the weather. It was hard to believe that Tom Cuddy would only need one tear off from the spares van! Well the old guy didn’t do too badly out there, as by the end of the day he finished about middle pack in the overall results. Young Tony Cuddy on the other hand along with Dexter Marks and Michael Deeley made easy work of the heavy mud; with their consistent top three finishes in all three blocks. Christian Hawkins worked really hard to get his fourth overall position. After his best result in the second block of a third place, along with also his 5-9 places in the other blocks, were to earn him the finish.

Warrior, Rowan Hill, battled on in the Amx group as he fought hard to hold onto his 1-3-1 positions; to put him comfortably in first overall. Piers Skinner was the hunter, hunting Hill down and did extremely well to claim the win in the second block; finishing second overall with Adam Cooper, who was also on the chase in third. Aston Day cruised into the overall sixth position after some superb results.

Ben Franklin didn’t seem put off at all by the track and took full marks in the Senior class for the overall. It was Joe Russell and Dan Guy who were to work hard to make the grade for the remaining podium places; and after a little frustration to get the positions they were well and truly paid off with Russell and Guy in second and third. There was only one point between Guy and Ben Spill in fourth; who proved he was a force to be reckoned with, after his superb run.

They say that good things come to those who wait and in Aaron Ongley’s case that was certainly true; taking a clean sweep across the board for the overall. And after making the top six at the previous race meeting; both Billy Stevens and Aaron Pilcher were looking to finish further up the field too. The lads fought hard through-out and were well rewarded as they finished Stevens second and Pilcher in third overall.

In the SWs Ethan Winchester, Sam Ongley and Tom Borrett finished in the same order in all three blocks, with Winchester once again heading the field; and you could say that was pretty impressive, when you think what they were up against. Bradley Dowdall was delighted with his finish in the tables after his superb run, to finish fifth overall, his best result so far. Both Levi Bartley and visitor Thomas Mutley scraped into the top ten; so well done to them.
Our little guys didn’t falter either, after their long wait to hit the track. The Juniors were out first, with the weather brightening up and the track conditions starting to change for the better. Ike and Billy Carter were the names in first and second overall; and it was nice to see Billy’s name up there, as he worked so hard. Ashley Surridge was unlucky to miss out on the top spot, but his 2-4-3 did enough to put him third overall and still with a smile on his face. Rhys Cooper did well and was certainly closing in on the top six, as he finished just outside in seventh.
Last out were the Autos; and Bobby Bruce was back to dominate the group with his three straight wins. Jake Swann and Raife Broadley were not put off by Bruce’s domination and battled it out for the remaining positions. Swann’s 4-2-2 just gave him the advantage over Broadley’s 2-3-3; even though they finished on equal points. It was nice to see Jake Cappa and Sonny May, the smallest riders and the youngest of the group do well out there too.

A big thank you to Adam Hawkins, who had worked extremely hard on the track to get it prepared; before the weather got its hands on it. But it has got to be said though, that at the end of the day East Kent were just caught out. But to all the riders, you were all winners out there as the weather has been so cruel to us all this year.

Reported By Tracey Whittam

Auto – 1 Bobby Bruce, 2 Jake Swann, 3 Raife Broadley, 4 Alfie Card, 5 Tom Ovenden, 6 Harvey Fagg
JNR – 1 Ike Carter, 2 Billy Carter, 3 Ashley Surridge, 4 Jake Sinden, 5 Harry Preston, 6 Leon Ongley
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Sam Ongley, 3 Tom Borrett, 4 Luke Horley, 5 Bradley Dowdall, 6 Kyle MacGregor
BW – 1 Aaron Ongley, 2 Billy Stevens, 3 Aaron Pilcher, 4 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 5 Tyler Keily, 6 Marni Saunders
AMX – 1 Rowan Hill, 2 Piers Skinner, 3 Adam Cooper, 4 Scott Finch, 5 Oliver Speller, 6 Aston Day
Open – 1 Tony Cuddy, 2 Dexter Marks, 3 Michael Deeley, 4 Christian Hawkins, 5 Oliver Weeks, 6 Lorenzo De-Pasquale
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Joe Russell, 3 Dan Guy, 4 Ben Spill, 5 Joe Borrett, 6 Connor Dennis


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