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Video: Ulster Mx2 Championship – 3rd Round

Video: Ulster Mx2 Championship – 3rd Round

Last Saturday saw the 3rd round of the Ulster Mx2 Championship run at the previous Grand Prix of Ireland track at Moneyglass, just outside Toomebridge, Northern Ireland. When everyone arrived the track was looking well prepared, the weather looked promising and there was an excited atmosphere around the paddock.

Going into the days racing the championship stood with Richard Bird and Wayne Garrett tied for the lead of the championship both with 92 points each as they swapped moto finishes in the first two rounds held at Donemana and Tinkerhill previously in the year. Third was Wayne’s younger brother Jason on 72 points and finishing out the top five was Stuart Edmonds and Tommy Merton on 58 and 56 points.

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When the 5 second board turned and the gate fell it was Adam McKee on board a KTM who rounded the grassy first corner first followed by a trio of KTM’s of Jason Garrett, Wayne Garrett, Brian McKeown and Drew Goudy. Disaster then struck as a pill up of KTM’s appeared on the exit of turn two involving several riders including both, Wayne Garrett and Bird. As they picked them selves up from the ground it was Garrett that drew the short straw as he broke his clutch lever off. He kicked the bike into gear and had to ride the remainder of the race with no clutch which proved difficult as he fell again later in the race.

As for the race at the front it quickly became a battle between Jason Garrett, Tommy Merton and Stuart Edmond. It was Tommy Merton who made the first move to the front as he past Jason Garrett by mid race and it wasn’t long before Edmonds followed suit.

In the closing laps the gap closed right down between Merton and Edmonds. Edmonds got past on a couple of occasions but couldn’t make it stick as Merton got back past and crossed the finishing line first for a hard fought win. Edmonds crossed the line in second with Jason Garrett in third.

When the gate fell for the second and final time of the day it was Jason Garrett who grabbed the whole shot, followed by Adam McKee, Gary Gibson and Wayne Garrett. The riders all cleared the second corner this time and the race was set.

In the first laps it was Jason Garrett, Gibson and Edmonds who filled out the top 3 places. Wayne Garrett was down in fifth and Richard Bird was fighting through from a poor start in seventh. Tommy Merton stopped in the mechanics area on the first lap with bike problems as his Suzuki was not running right with it missing in low revs.

Back to the front of the race where Edmonds made quick work of Jason Garrett and put his TM machine at the front for the remainder of the race. Gibson made his way to second while Wayne also passed his younger brother and move into third. The battle was set as the spectators watched on to see if Wayne Garrett could get past Gibson and take the fight to Edmonds who had started to pull a gap.

It was not to be though as he slipped off and had to catch back up to Gibson who he finally past on the final laps to secure second while Gibson crossed the line for a well earned third. It was Edmonds though who crossed the line to finish his day with 2-1 finishes and first over all.

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