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Troubled Weekend for Buff Husqvarna

Troubled Weekend for Buff Husqvarna

Red Bull Pontrilas 612

After the bad luck of Whitby 2 weeks ago when Buff Husqvarna, lost their new youngster Luke Dean to injury when he crashed into a fallen rider on the sighting lap of the third Rookie race. The crash left Luke Dean with a broken lower leg and out of action for a number of weeks. Since then the team have recruited the services of Jamie Smith in ride the 250f while Luke is out with a broken leg.

In the morning Jamie Smith went out for the qualification and trying to dial the bike in as best that he could in a short amount of time. Jamie was to suffer a bike problem halfway through the session to the race bike and had to get the spare bike. At the end of the session Jamie finished in 14th place in MX2.

After the lunch break it was time for the first of the two Red Bull Pro races. Jamie was able to make a good start and was running well inside the top 10. Until the rear break began to fade and disappeared meaning Jamie had to slow up and bring the bike home safe in 17th place in MX2.

During the gap before the second race the team decided to make a number of changes to the suspension to help the bike handle better. The changed looked to have worked as Jamie got out of the gate well and was running up inside the top 5 of MX2 for the opening laps. After the race reached half distance the suspension seemed to fade as it became hot and making the bike more and more difficult to ride.

Jamie finished the race in 15th place in MX2.

Wayne Radford – Team Manager
It’s been a trying day today with suspension issues affecting the results. It’s been tough because with the suspension problems we have had, we are unable to judge how the bike is performing now after ruling out the engine troubles at the start of the year. The results that Jamie has gained are good for his first race on the bike and suspension troubles. So it is now time to head back to the drawing board for 2 weeks.

Jamie Smith
Qualifying wasn’t too good because we had a bike issue so I had to go get the spare and struggled to get a lap in. In the first race I was running well and inside the top 10 of MX2 when the bolt of the back brake came loose and I lost the use of the brake. Before the second race we tried some new setting for the suspension to try and get the bike handling better. I started well and was running up the front of the MX2 until after 5-10 minutes the suspension began to fade and the bikes handling just got worse and made it hard to ride. It meant that I slowly faded backwards.


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