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Tough times at Hawkstone for Alex Snow

Tough times at Hawkstone for Alex Snow

Alex Snow – Image by Ray Chuss

With the Maxxis British Championship coming in to the latter part of the series, Alex Snow and the Oakleaf Kawasaki team rolled in to the world famous Hawkstone Park for round 6 of the championship. With the weather also making a much welcome turn from the recent weeks of constant rain the sandy circuit was considerably dry and dusty facing the riders with a completely different surface to usual.

Snow in was looking to start the day one a strong note and continue his strong form, he did so qualifying in a strong 6th in the first session. As he then enterd the superpole to try and repeat his first session, a few mistake hampered his progress ending the session in 9th.

As the gate dropped on race one, Snow sufferd a little to much wheel spin on the concete pad leaving him with a little bit more work to do than he would like. He soon made some passes and moved up in to 10th place. Although looking slightly uncomfortable Snow tried to settle in and find his rythum, but suddenly on lap 4 the Hawkstone track bit Snow causing him to crash hard in the wooded section of the track. After trying to compose himself and catch his breath, Alex slowly picked himself up, managing to finish the race but couldnt pull the time back he’d lost to gain any points finishing in a low 25th place.

After feeling a little second hand and with sore ribs, Snowy was keen to make up for the dissapointment of race one in the second race of the day. A better start this time seen Snow well inside the top 10, he looked and felt much better this time out but still didnt look quite at his best, he rode a solid moto to finish 9th at the finish which was enough to put him in to the mixed mx1/mx2 final race.

With a even better start in this one Snow was on course to try and finish the day on a high note. He rounded the first couple of turns in 8th place, but some quick moves early on moved the Kawasaki rider up in to 6th position. Snow then put his head down and rode strongly all the way through the 30 minute plus 2 lap race to finish the day with a well deserved 6th at the finish. With his two point scoring rides this was enough to put Alex 9th overall in the MX1 class. Although sliding back a place to 9th in the overall championship, the point have tightened up considerably with only 13 points separating himself and 6th place.

Alex Snow ”not a great day by any means for me. I really didn’t need a non point scoring ride, but unfortunately crashes happens and im quite happy I only came out of that with some bruised ribs. Although the day started bad, im glad i managed to turn it around in the final moto and leave here on a better note.”


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