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Tony Cairoli splits finger in today's QR

Tony Cairoli splits finger in today's QR

Tony Cairoli splits finger in today

The PR was a little confusing from the TC222 camp today, it started like this.

Tony Cairoli begins the last GP of the year that will take place in Teutschental (Germany) winning without any problems the qualifying moto.

But then we read further down and this popped up…

The 6 times world championship dominated the games. Kicked off 2nd, after two laps he took over Simpson and once he became the leader gave his own rhythmn on the others and gained a good gap over Nagl and Roczen. He even was suffering an injury on his little finger of his right hand. After the moto, Tony went to the medical center and there they closed the deep wound, so it wouldn’t have any problems within sight of tomorrow.

“My finger is starting to ache. I hit it against a peg at the third or fourth lap. The wound is quite deep but I really hope it’ll be ok. The moto went really well. I kicked off second and once on top I dictated the rhythm. I think it’s gonna be an interestin round since I know that Nagl and Roczen are really fast on this track.”.

Lets just hope it doesn’t get worse overnight as tomorrows race between TC222, Nagl and Roczen could be one of the best of the year.

Image by Adam Duckworth


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