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The weather man was spot on for Aberdeen & District Motocross Club

The weather man was spot on for Aberdeen & District Motocross Club

The weather man was spot on for Aberdeen & District Motocross Club
The weather man got the forecast spot-on for Round 5 on 26th August, which seemed a long way away from the day before.  Thanks to all the helpers and the heavy machinery and working long in to the night, the track was in a much better condition for the riders (and spectators!).

88 riders signed up to compete in round 5, with some riders not competing a second day due to injuries, and injuries to bikes, some quite costly.

The Autos to start the day, and Reece Dawson once again took the lead and 1st race win of the day. Ayden Smith took to the good track conditions very well and came away with a 1st place in both race 2 and 3.  Scott Cameron did very well, he rode all three races with every effort he had in him, and took 7th place overall for his day.
34 riders in the C’s took to the gates, and once again Ian Souter was back on his usual form taking all 3 race wins of the day and 1st place overall.  Michael Scott, once again had a good days racing and took 2nd place overall, just ahead of Phil Goffin in 3rd overall.

The A’s and B’s were grouped together again, and with George Stewart taking the hole shot and 1st race win for the A’s, Aaron McCarroll put in a fantastic effort to keep the other riders at bay and take the wins for race 2 and 3, and took 1st place overall.   For the B’s Keiran Hunter was on amazing form, to take a well-deserved 3 race wins for his day.  Ashley Darling put up a good battle, and took another well-deserved 2nd place for his day.

The 125’s, and David Smith was certainly having a good weekend, he managed to add another 90 points to his total, by taking race 1 and 2 wins and 1st place overall.  Morgan Robertson however, made sure he collected as much points as possible by taking the 3rd race win and 2nd place overall.

85’s Big and Small Wheel and 65’s classes were run together again. For the Big Wheels, Ben Edwards seemed unstoppable, once again taking all 3 race wins and 1st place overall.  The Small Wheels, and RJ MacKenzie was on the same form, he rode very well to take all 3 race wins for his day and 1st place overall.   3 riders today made up the 65’s, and with Adam Scott taking the 1st race win, then unfortunately coming off his bike and coming away with a cracked helmet and an ever growing lump on his head, Jack Rodgers and Jake McLeod, put in a equally good effort, with Jack taking 2nd place overall, and Jake taking 1st place overall.

The LAST Club Round is scheduled for 23rd September.
Results for the day as follows:
Ayden Smith
Reece Dawson
Logan Hendry
Connor Stewart
Jamie McKay
Cody Taylor
Scott Cameron
Jake McLeod
Jack Rodgers
Adam Scott
85 (SW)
RJ McKenzie
Dylan Carnegie
Troy Anderson
Owen Hendry
Ciara Robertson
Lee Sim
85 (BW)
Ben Edwards
Keir Mudie
Shane Sinclair
William Middleton
Ryan Nathan
Gregor McDiarmid
125 (school boys)
David Smith
Morgan Robertson
Sean Greig
Shaun Muir
Ewan Firman
Aaron McCarroll
George Stewart
Jamie George
Liam Carr
Peter Taylor
Barry Gray
Keiran Hunter
Ashley Darling
John Marshall
Harry Cross
Grant Guest
Alan Scott
Ian Souter
Michael Scott
Phil Goffin
Liam MacVeigh
Mark Farquhar
Gordon Nicol

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