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Summer champs heat up at Staplehurst

Summer champs heat up at Staplehurst

It was to be an exciting time for the East Kent club as they ran round nine of their summer championship at the well-prepared Staplehurst track. This was also to be the clubs first meeting with an Open class group running along side the Amx group.


Once again it was to be another bright sun shinny day with lots of smiley faces around the track!

First out were the Adults and boy what an interesting start to the days racing as both the Amx and open group lined up at the start gate. All eyes were on them at this point and the five-second board was up. With their engines at the ready the start gate dropped and they were off roaring their way up the track to the first bend. It was Arron Jenner who took the holeshot and pulled away with the lead in the first lap on his Honda 250 with Ben Crane from the new open group following behind and just behind Ben was Louis Waugh chasing hard on his Honda 125 and boy didn’t he go as he overtook Ben and then set his sights on catching Arron who was up in front on his own. Louis stepped up the pace as he rode with the power full on to close the gap on Arron. It was Louis who came out on top to snatch the win that he truly deserved, when Arron’s bike seized on the final lap.  This gave Adam Cooper 2nd place and Dave Capper 3rd.

The first open group race saw Ben Crane in 1st place, visitor Nathan Parrish in 2nd and Russell Aldous in 3rd place. In race two it was Adam Cooper’s race as he took the holeshot and the lead for nearly the whole race, except when Arron passed him once and he passed him back again!  Arron was just behind him, hot on his tail and pushing him to the limit to try and take the lead but Adam was having none of it and wouldn’t let Arron past again, ensuring his first win in the AMX. This meant Arron had to settle with 2nd place with Louis this time following the boys home in 3rd. In race two of the open group it was Ben Crane again in 1st with Nathan Parish in 2nd and Lee Hollingbee this time in 3rd place. Race three on the other hand saw Arron take the holeshot and the lead to be chased home this time by Louis 2nd and Adam in 3rd place. The open group was again won by Ben Crane to give him first overall with again Nathan Parrish in 2nd to get second overall and Lee Hollingsbee in 3rd place. A big well done to all six riders in our new open group you have set the pace and made your mark!


Next out were the Seniors and what a great day Lewis Dowsett had as he took the holeshot in the first race and won all three blocks of racing to give him first overall. It was the change of places for second and third place that was interesting in all three blocks; in race one it was Frankie Bennett 2nd with John Eaton just behind in 3rd, race two saw John Waghorne take the hole shot and to finish in 2nd with Kieran Clarke in 3rd.  John also finally took the hole shot again   in race three as well but it was Dave Taylor who took 2nd and Kieran again came home in 3rd. Well done to all you lads as you all raced outstandingly!

With the Juniors out next could it be Gary Ashley’s day? Well he was smiling! In race one and two Tom Lockhart took the holeshot and 1st place with Gary to take 2nd, Lewis Cloud rode home in 3rd in race one and Luke Horley took 3rd in race two. But race three saw a turn around with Luke Horley taking the hole shot and Gary taking his first ever win in the Junior group (top man Gary! I knew you could do it!!) This saw Tom take 2nd and Luke again settling another 3rd place finish

Next up were the Autos and welcome to new novice rider Max Lewis who is hoping to follow in his big brothers foot steps (watch out Mitch!)  The Autos saw three different holeshots in the shape of Charlie Burt, Daniel Brooks and Jack Nixon. Charlie was also to go on and take two wins in races one and two with Jack following him in second with Jake Sindon and Rhys Cooper taking a 3rd place win each. Race three though ended with Jack taking 1st, Charlie 2nd and Jake again in 3rd. Oh Tony it’s been great fun watching you run after your grandson around the track! Keep going Jack you’re doing well!!


After the Autos came the Small Wheels and again it was Mitchell Lewis who was to dominate the group as he rode home to take a hat trick of wins and also the hole shot in races two and three. Jack Baldwin took the hole shot in race one and gave Mitchell a run for his money during the day but had to settle with two seconds and a third place win after chasing Aaron Ongley in 2nd. Charlie Earley added to the pressure and rode home to grab himself two 3rd places.

Lastly it was the Big wheels out with Toby Stubberfield determined to get a win, which he did. It was to be his first ever win since the juniors. Toby took the hole shot in both race one and two with him to chase Jack Eldridge hard in the first race with Jack just getting the edge on Toby to take the win. Toby took 2nd with Jake Fry following the boys in 3rd. It was in race two that Toby got that all important win with him just getting the edge this time on Jack to ride home in 2nd and Jake again taking 3rd place. Race three was Jake’s turn to take the holeshot but just missed out of the top three. Toby was nowhere to be seen as he hit the gate at the start which meant he had to work hard to get back up there for the points. With the power full on Toby worked his way up the track resulting in him taking 3rd following Steven Robinson in 2nd and Jack taking his second 1st place of the day.

After the Big wheels there was a surprise in store as the club ran a veterans race with at least 36 riders signed up to take part. There was one rider in particular who stood out! Some say that he would give you a run for your money and has a sting in his tail if you try and over take him on the track. He says no words and just turns up in his white kit?

THEY CALL HIM THE STIG! Yes he turned up to have a go and who would of thought it the stig riding with the East Kent riders. Well let’s now talk about the race! The riders were all lined up and under starters’ orders with Lewis Dowsett and Jamie Austin Carter showing them the five – second board. As the start gate dropped they were off all charging to the first bend it was Wes Brooks who took the holeshot and out in front of John Eaton with the rest of the pack following. Behind John though was Steve Bliss who was back out and riding back from injury, what a way to go and what a race to make your return in. Amongst the riders were some mums and it was great to see Arron Jenner chasing his mum round the track rather than his mum chasing him for a change. Tina Mitchell on the other hand decided to cut the track and do the Auto track, still she did get round. Denise Lynds was the women out in front with Julie Kerstein just behind with Ruth Smith coming up through the pack behind them. So the overall result in the veteran race is as follows Wes Brooks 1st Grant Eaton 2nd and Blissy in 3rd. Well done to all who raced it was truly an experience and I don’t know what was more interesting to see, the racing or the oldies trying to fit into their old kits. Many thanks go to the committee, the track team for the excellent condition of the track and the landowners, the paramedic team for all their hard work and support. Our best wishes go out to those who were injured during the day for a quick and speedy return to racing and lastly see you all at Mepal for round 10.

Report by Tracey Whittam and photos by Ann Cooper

Autos – 1 Charlie Burt, 2 Jack Nixon, 3 Jake Sinden, 4 Rhys Cooper, 5 Daniel Brooks,

6 Jay Hellis

Juniors – 1 Tom Lockhart, 2 Gary Ashley, 3 Lewis Cloud, 4 Luke Horley, 5 Reagan Brooks,

6 Harry Arnold

SW85 – 1 Mitchell Lewis, 2 Jack Baldwin, 3 Charlie Earley, 4 Aaron Ongley, 5 Joe Ellson,

6 Ryan Hayward

BW85 – 1 Jack Eldridge, 2 Toby Stubberfield, 3 Jake Fry, 4 Steven Robinson, 5 Mason Benyon, 6  Joe Russell

Seniors – 1 Lewis Dowsett, 2 John Waghorne, 3 Dave Taylor, 4 John Eaton, 5 Kieran Clarke,

6 Jamie Austin Carter

AMX – 1 Louis Waugh, 2 Adam Cooper, 3 Paul Willis, 4 Piers Skinner, 5 Dave Capper,

6 Craig Bliss

Open – 1 Ben Crane, 2 Nathan Parish, 3 Russell Aldous, 4 Mitchell Lewis, 5 Andy Cooper,

6 Shaun Nash


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