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South go West at Phoenix!

South go West at Phoenix!

South West MXC had completely different track conditions for their meeting held at Phoenix Motoparc on 1st of July, to the conditions their partners, South Somerset had the week before at Rockhampton. Instead of a wet stodgy track, South West had a dry hard track that needed water,(crazy times!)
Phoenix was not only Club Champs for SWMXC, but was also Rnd 5 of the West of England Championship. With only three meetings left the top of all groups is starting to look quite congested, as a result there was a buzz of competitiveness around the paddock, at this stage, one slip up could spell the end for someones championship.

After timed practice the Big and Small Wheels were first to test the awesome looking track, with some of the big hitters out to keep their slender lead in the championship. It was good to see Dylan Baynton out riding with us again and he was out to spoil the part, as was the flying Harry Kimber a loft his Twistted 7 Kwacker. All three moto’s were blessed with some great racing, with Billy King taking the overall in the BW class with a second and two moto wins, Dylan Baynton nearly spoilt the party coming in second with a fourth, and two very good third spots. With a fantastic win in moto one, Jack Roberts took third overall, Miles Jones fourth, Jamie Harris fifth and Callum Warren making up the top six.
The battle with Bradley Flagg and Harry Pritchard in the SW is set to continue right to the last moto of the last Rnd at this rate, with Flagg just edging the overall with two wins and second spot in moto three, Harry Kimber didn’t quite spoil the fun taking second overall, having fourth in moto one followed by a second and a fine win in moto three. Pritchard made third place his, with a second in moto one and then two thirds. Casey Williams fourth with a third and two fourths, Lucy Calvert fifth, having two fifths and a sixth, Daniel Roberts sixth with a sixth and two sevenths.

MX1 second out is another class close at the top of the table with Anthony Milliar and Darren Banwell only a hand full of points apart. Banwell took the overall with three second places, after having some epic battles with Ryan Allen, and the unfortunate Dave Yelland, he had bike problems in moto one which cost him dear. Allen was second overall with a bag of thirds. Milliar hit the start gate in moto two handing an opportunity to Banwell to really apply pressure at the top of the MX1 championship, but after taking the win in moto one Milliar can only ride in one way, all balls out which makes him exciting to watch, the result of his efforts gave him third spot with his win followed up by a fifth and a fourth, Shane Sansom fourth with a fifth, seventh and sixth, Luke Stephens fifth with a sixth place, eighth and seventh and sixth place going to Curtis Hunt. A mention should go to MX2 pilot Bradley Bolitho, after winning moto one in the MX2 class he moved up to MX1 for moto’s 2 and 3 where he took another two great wins.

Ross Churchill leading the MX2 WoE championship kept it that way, after finishing second to Bolitho in moto 1 he went on to take two wins giving him the overall ahead of Aaron Austin with fourth and two seconds, Will Howard third with sixth and two thirds, Lewis Hunt fourth with eighth and two fifths, Ben Puddy fifth with seventh and two sixth’s and Ben Dennison sixth, taking fourth spot in moto’s 2 and 3 making up for his bad first moto.

In the Rookies both first and second place W of E riders were unable to make Phoenix, so this makes the Rookie championship really close, there are five riders now all with in striking distance of each other, real nail bitting time.
Ben Sansom showed his class taking three unchallenged wins, Jason Brooke claimed second with a sixth and two seconds, Connor Palmer third with a great second in moto 1 and then fifth in moto 2 and fourth in moto 3, Jarred Perkins fourth with fifth, sixth and a brilliant third to finish, Jack Smith fifth with a fourth, seventh and eighth, and making the top six was Harry Davey having a great second moto with third place.

Connor Ford stamped his authority in the juniors taking all three moto wins a head of series leader Thomas Darlow with two thirds and a second spot, Morgan Timms was third with a 5-2-3 card, Joe Garlick fourth with a third in moto 1, fourth and then a sixth spot, Samuel Dowson fifth with a 4-6-4 and finally the top six finished with Lewis Wiltshire taking home a bag of 6-5-5.

The top three in the Auto’s are separated only by 50 points, so this is another group where a chain snapping, or a puncture could prove to be decisive, no such problems for Harvey James though with another clean sweep, Dylan Cadwallander is keeping up the pressure though taking second with two seconds and a third, Jake Pascoe another one pushing hard with third having two thirds and the dreaded chain problem causing him to take fifth in moto 3, Tyler Westcott was fourth having two fifths and a brilliant second in moto 3 to finish, Alfie Calvert fifth with a hat-trick of fourth’s and making the top six was Finley James taking home a hat-trick of sixth spot’s.

Congratulations to Small Wheel rider Ross Kersey for winning the Albion Motorcycles voucher for coming in tenth spot. Once again many thanks to Albion.

Yet another great day from South West and South Somerset MXC’s working really well together for the benefit of their members.

Cant wait for the next Rnd at Moreleigh on the 15th of July.

Autos Juniors

1st Harvey James 1st Conor Ford
2nd Dylan Cadwallander 2nd Thomas Darlow
3rd Jake Pascoe 3rd Morgan Timms
4th Tyler Westcott 4th Joe Garlick
5th Alfie Calvert 5th Sam Dowson 6thFinley James 6th Lewis Wiltshire

Small Wheels Big Wheels
1st Bradley Flagg 1st Billy King
2nd Harry Kimber 2nd Dylan Baynton
3rd Harry Pritchard 3rd Jack Roberts
4th Casey Williams 4th Miles Jones
5th Lucy Calvert 5th Jamie Harris
6th Daniel Roberts 6th Callum Warren

Rookies MX2
1st Ben Sansom 1st Ross Churchill
2nd Jason Brooke 2nd Aaron Austin
3rd Connor Palmer 3rd Will Howard
4th Jarrad Perkins 4th Lewis Hunt
5th Jack Smith 5th Ben Puddy
6th Harry Davey 6th Ben Dennison

1st Darren Banwell
2nd Ryan Allen
3rd Anthony Milliar
4th Shane Sansom
5th Luke Stephens
6th Curtis Hunt


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