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Seb’s Superb Stratford

Seb’s Superb Stratford

Round three of the Coventry Junior Motocross Club championship was held at Stratford and despite the track being graded and watered it was packed hard. The turnout was fantastic, so due to having just under 200 riders all seven groups were run separately.

Taking the overall win in the auto race was Callum Green, with Luke Woodhouse close behind him. Both riders rode extremely well and continually scored 1st and 2nd respectively throughout each race. With 3rd place in the first and second race, Ryan Manley seemed set to get 3rd overall. However after an unfortunate third race, the overall 3rd went to Ethan Cooper who picked up a 3rd in the final race.

In the Junior group Mitchell Warhurst had to work hard for the win due to Jamie Cox being hot on his tail. With Mitchell getting 1st in race one and 2nd in race two and vice versa for Jamie it all came down to the final race. Mitchell took the final win with Jamie coming in a very comfortable 2nd. Owen Woodhouse came in 3rd overall after getting 3rd in both races two and three, however Nathan Bache had a great first race where he came in 3rd.

The small wheel 85 races were a lot more indecisive, however with a 1st in races one and three and 2nd in race two the clear winner was Alistair Evans. With a 3rd in race two and 2nd in race three it was Jordan Saunders who gained the overall second. Both Greg Evans and John Hunt ended the day with joint points in competition for 3rd. In the end the position went to Greg Evans as he was 2nd in race one and 1st in race two, although John had a very good final race where he was 3rd.

Henry Gilbert’s day couldn’t get any better as he dominated the big wheel 85 race. In the first race he followed home Jack Gardner, with Grant Smith not far behind. Again it was Jack Gardner who came 2nd in race two, however this time it was Karl Haycock in 3rd. Jordan Wills flew in race three to pick up 2nd, with Grant getting himself another 3rd place. The overall 2nd place went to Jack, although Grant and Jordan were both only 1 point behind. With 2nd in race three the place went to Jordan.

With 1st place in races one and two Scott Bates was clearly set for the win and secured this with 2nd in race three. In the third race it was Kristopher Ayrs who won, and with a 2nd in race two Kristopher rode well to get himself 2nd overall. Charles Statt had a great day with 3rd in the first two races for 3rd overall. Matt Ogden and Luke Smith also had days with 2nd in race one and 3rd in race three respectively.

There was close competition in the Amx race between Ricky Letherby, Dan Jagielski, Richard McDermott and Daryl Simms. Ricky’s consistency gained him an advantage as he was 1st in race one and 2nd in races two and three, therefore 1st overall. Dan’s wins in races two and three meant that he achieved 2nd overall. Richard came 3rd overall with 3rd in races one and two, however just missed out in race three to Darryl, who had also came 2nd in race one.

Seb Osbourne was untouchable in the Open Class with an immense lead in all three races. Behind him Lee Bullock and James Williamson battled it out to the end for 2nd and 3rd. Lee’s two 2nd places and one 3rd against James’ two 3rd places and one 2nd meant that Lee came 2nd overall and James 3rd.

A huge thank you to all the marshals who came to help out for the day, you all did a fantastic job. Also best wishes to Josh Sleet, Max Pinney and Robert Morris, hope to see you back soon. Thank you to CJMX for yet another great weekend and looking forward to the next one.


1. 49 Callum Green
2. 16 Luke Woodhouse
3. 4 Ethan Cooper
4. 7 Ryan Manley
5. 49x Bradley Clarke
6. 234 Harry Smith

1. 41 Mitchell Warhurst
2. 50 Jamie Cox
3. 17x Owen Woodhouse
4. 68 Nathan Bache
5. 51 Todd Richie
6. 7 Chris Mills

Small Wheel 85:
1. 61 Alistair Evans
2. 83 Jordan Saunders
3. 32 Greg Evans
4. 143 John Hunt
5. 63 Ollie Benton
6. 3 Danny Vieira

Big Wheel 85:
1. 78 Henry Gilbert
2. 31 Jack Gardner
3. 16 Jordan Wills
4. 27 Grant Smith
5. 181 Oliver Townsend
6. 49 Carl Haycock

1. 11 Scott Bates
2. 88 Kristopher Ayrs
3. 45 Charles Statt
4. 60 Matt Ogden
5. 40 Luke Houghton
6. 73 Luke Smith

1. 707 Ricky Letherby
2. 5 Dan Jagielski
3. 52 Richard McDermott
4. 14 Scott Hambridge
5. 2 Darrell Simms
6. 8 Graham Lamb

1. 13 Seb Osbourne
2. 78 Lee Bullock
3. 24 James Williamson
4. 22 James Allsop
5. 103 Adam Barber
6. 96 Dean Hodgekins

Report by Sarah Collins
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