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Scottish Motocross Championships, Fourth, and Final, Round, Duns 1st and 2nd September 2011

Scottish Motocross Championships, Fourth, and Final, Round, Duns 1st and 2nd September 2011

Scottish Motocross Championships, Fourth, and Final, Round, Duns 1st and 2nd September 2011

Competitors from as far south as Portsmouth and from as far north as the Shetlands converged on the Scottish Borders town of Duns for the final round of the ACU Scottish Motocross Championships.

The recent rainy weather made racing look uncertain virtually everywhere else in Scotland but the Duns venue had had very little rain and track watering was the order of the day.

The track, famous for its variety of features, was in pristine condition for the start of the first Safe Access MX1 race. Tony Craig made his intentions clear by blasting into an immediate lead with championship leader, Ross Rutherford, having to fight his way through the pack and into second place. Try as he might Rutherford had no answer to Craig’s speed as he cruised to the win. Carlton Husband spent the race working his way up to third at the flag. The second race provided more of the same and was a bit of a procession with Rutherford having the consolation of fastest lap. As the gate dropped for the third race start Craig blasted into an immediate lead and it looked like déjà vue. Rutherford had other ideas and blasted his Bikesport Honda past Craig. Tony gave chase for the entire race but could not get close enough and had to settle for second at the flag.

The MX2 races also had two main players, youngsters Fraser Wakeford and John Adamson, who served up some spectacular action for the crowd. The first race saw Wakeford blast into an immediate lead and Adamson taking a couple of laps to work his way onto his tail. Adamson then made the pass only to throw the lead away with a spectacular crash in the whoops allowing Wakeford to cruise home for the win. Adamson meantime worked his way from dead last up to second at the flag. The second race had Adamson trailing Wakeford for a few laps before making the pass and cruising to an easy win. The final encounter saw the some lead swapping early in the race and then Adamson closing in on Wakeford a couple of times only to make some slips allowing Wakeford the win.

In the AMD Veterans class Darren Scott is beginning to make it look all too easy with his fourth overall win, a stunning 12 wins from 12 races this season. Luckily we have had Peter Taylor and Gordon Morrison on hand to keep him honest.
Bob Jack was the man on form in the Clubman races, taking two wins for the overall. Donald Draffan won the third race for second overall and Greg McDonald third.

The youth races were all held on Saturday, the autos being the first race out. No one could hold a candle to “wee” Jay Clark as he left the rest trailing in his wake. Logan Hendry was the best of the rest with Jack Young having three thirds. The 65’s were next on the card and the boy on form was Ryan Thomson with a clean sweep of three wins. Owen Hendry was second taking two second places and Kyle McNicol was third scoring one second place. Big wheel and small wheel 85’s were run together, Reece Wilson coming out on top with two wins to Elaine McEachern’s one with Ben Edwards rounding out the podium. The combined 125 and MXY2 races were a John Adamson benefit with Calvin Sharp making the long trip from the Northern Isles worthwhile by winning the 125’s. Bob Jack had another good day by taking the Adult support races from Peter Taylor.


1. Tony Craig
2. Ross Rutherford
3. Carlton Husband
4. Scott Findlay
5. Mark Perfect
6. Gavin Robertson

1 Rutherford , 2 Ryan McLean,3 Gavin Robertson

1. Fraser Wakeford
2. John Adamson
3. Cameron Pendrich
4. David Houston
5. Lewis Farrow
6. Stuart Robertson

1 Wakeford, 2 Adamson, 3 Houston

1. Darren Scott
2. Gordon Morrison
3. Peter Taylor
4. Morton Hannah
5. Sean Docherty
6. John McNeil

1 Scott, 2 Taylor, 3 Morrison

1. Bob Jack
2. Donald Draffan
3. Greg McDonald
4. Gordon Ramsay
5. Lee Phillip
6. Deejay Bruce

1 Alex Kerr, 2 McDonald, 3 Douglas Campbell

1. Jay Clark
2. Logan Hendry
3. Jack Young
4. Braden Batley
5. Connor Hughes


1 Clark, 2 Hendry, 3 Young

1. Ryan Thomson
2. Owen Hendry
3. Kyle McNicol
4. James Haddow
5. Adam Scott
6. Ciara Robertson

1 Hendry, 2 Haddow, 3 Thomson

85 S/W
1. Scott Russell
2. Nathan Claughan
3. Jay Hughes
4. Brett Baillie
5. Robbie Saville
6. R J MacKenzie

1 R J MacKenzie, 2 Dylan Carnegie, 3 Saville

85 B/W
1. Reece Wilson
2. Elaine MacEachern
3. Ben Edwards
4. Andrew Cochrane
5. Callum Carter
6. Bradley Sharp

1 Edwards, 2 MacEachern, 3 Carter

125 S/P
1. Calvin Sharp
2. Lewis Campbell
3. Robert Bell
4. Kyle Oliver

1 Bell , 2 Campbell , 3 Sharp

250F S/P
1. John Adamson
2. Thomas Robertson
3. Douglas Campbell
4. Deejay Bruce

1 Robertson, 2 Campbell, 3 Bruce

Adult Open Support
1. Bob Jack
2. Peter Taylor
3. Lee Phillip
4. Gordon Clark
5. Mark Mason
6. Nick Gibson


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