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Runner up spot for Dan Thornhill

Runner up spot for Dan Thornhill

Runner up spot for Dan Thornhill

This weekend saw us loaded up to make our way to the fifth round the Redbull Pro-Nationals at Canada Heights, Swanley.

With some overnight rain on Friday night, the track was looking in prime condition, come Saturday mornings qualifying.

Again Rookies were out first and I managed to qualify in a 6th place finish, which I felt was good for me as me and the track struggle to gel.

Moto one arrived with not the ideal start I was looking for, but pushed round the first few corners to make my way into the top 5. Two laps in a little slip off in wooded sectioned made me drop back a few places, but getting back on and pushing on I made my way into the top five to secure a descent 5th place.

Moto two started a little better than the first race, had to push hard on the first lap, and rode a constant race to finish fourth.

Moto three, had a much better start, felt a little bit more at home with the track, the track getting rougher and gnarley, and finished third.

Sunday morning, saw us wake up to a beautiful day, when we went out for our fourth moto the track was in a perfect condition, lines appeared from the previous Pro race. Start was reasonable, having to push hard through the first few turns, riding a hard race to finish 4th.

Moto five, what a difference with an hour’s storm, the track had become technical and gnarly, I had the best start of the weekend coming round the first turn in 2nd, pushed hard, within 2 laps jumped into the lead, the track suited me down to the ground, I got the bit between my teeth and pushed and pushed, eventually taking the chequered flag 14 seconds in the lead, I felt soo good and pleased with my result.

A good weekends racing finishing 2nd overall.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their continued support.

Overall Results for the weekends:
James Harrison
Dan Thornhill
Ben Watson


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