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Productive Weekend at the Hawkstone International for Apico LPE Kawasaki Racing

Productive Weekend at the Hawkstone International for Apico LPE Kawasaki Racing

Following on from the recent success of winning the Arenacross Championship the Apico LPE Kawasaki headed to the Hawkstone International for the first of their outdoor events with MX1 rider Gert Krestinov. After a long wet winner the British public turned up in their thousands to show their support after the bitter disappointment of having to cancel last year’s event.

gert krestinov

Coming into the event Krestinov was feeling confident after a second overall finish last weekend at Lommel. The day started with practice and qualifying, with the recent wet weather the club had left the track sealed making it very smooth and fast for the timed session. As the session went on Krestinov posted a number of first lap times to finish the session in 8th place.

With a good start position, Krestinov looked for a good start and rounded the first corner inside the top 15 and with a lot of work to do in the opening laps. Gert quickly settled into the race and began to pick riders off and moved into the top 10 and continued to push forward. With 5 minutes plus 2 laps of the race left the Estonian was in a battle for 5th place and closing on Herjan Brakke to make the pass for 5th on the last lap of the race.

The fifth place in the opening race gave Krestinov something to work on and as the gated dropped for race two. This time around Krestinov made a better start and quickly moved into sixth place. As the race went on Gert was able to find some new lines and close the gap on fifth and secure another fifth place finish. The two fifth places gave Gert 4th Overall on the day in MX1, only to miss out on the podium by 1 single point.

The final race of the day was the Super Final where the 20 fastest MX2 and 20 fastest MX1 riders race together, with the MX2 riders being released first. When the gate dropped for the MX1 class Gert made a great start to round the first turn 3rd MX1 rider, only to get caught in the carnage of a MX2 crash in the second turn. Gert remounted towards the back of the field and was forced to pit to straighten the bike and restarted the race dead last. From that point on Krestinov charged as hard as possible to recover places, passing riders, left, right and centre. Once inside the points Gert continued to show his fitness passing from 15th to finishing in 7th in the last three laps of the race. His 7th place finish also saw him finish as the 4th MX1 rider home and he set the 3rd fastest lap time in the race to round off a very productive day for both the team and Krestinov.

Gert Krestinov: this weekend has been good, I got a good gate pick after the qualifying session when the track was really smooth. Then in the first race I made an ok start and then pushed forward to 5th and was riding ok but should have pushed harder. It was really similar in the second race and I finished 5th again for 4th overall and that was mine and the teams aim, to come away with a top 5 overall over the two MX1 Races and we was all very happy with that result. Then in the Super Final unfortunately I crashed into a MX2 bike and went over the bars and had to pit to straighten my levers out. From then I just wanted to use it as a training Moto and push hard and I had a really good pace to come from last to seventh so it’s been a very productive weekend for testing and to move forward from.

Steve James: we came here this weekend to judge Gert’s speed and fitness plus to test out his race bike against some very good competition and it’s been very productive. We have come away with 4th overall in MX1 and just 1 point away from a podium which was awesome as we had aimed high at our target of a top five finish, so it’s a very positive feeling on all three counts. The bike is working great and Gert is very happy with how everything is going, both engine and suspension wise. Then in the last race the Super Final Gert went down with some of the MX2 guys on the opening lap and had to pit to straighten the clutch lever etc and restarted dead last. He then rode a very impressive race to get back to 7th in the race and 4th MX1 machine home. He rode very well in that race and showed some raw speed so Overall I’m really happy with everything it was a great day and a very worthwhile trip.

MX1 Overall

pos start no. competitor total points r1 r2
1 24 Shaun Simpson 47 22 25
2 91 Matiss Karro 42 20 22
3 51 Jens Getteman 33 15 18
4 37 Gert Krestinov 32 16 16
5 60 Brad Anderson 32 18 14
6 14 Marc de Reuver 28 13 15
7 100 Tommy Searle 25 25
8 42 Nathan Parker 22 9 13
9 387 Yentel Martens 21 11 10
10 47 Todd Waters 20 20
11 61 Herjan Brakke 20 8 12
12 68 Shane Carless 18 10 8
13 5 Graeme Irwin 17 6 11
14 221 Priit Ratsep 14 5 9
15 12 Lewis Gregory 14 7 7
Super Final Result

pos start no. competitor laps total time diff best time best lap best speed
1 84 Jeffrey Herlings 13 30:54.229 02:12.983 3 37.9
2 91 Matiss Karro 13 31:53.857 59.628 02:17.141 1 36.75
3 107 Lars Van Berkel 13 32:22.062 01:27.833 02:17.620 1 36.623
4 50 Martin Barr 13 32:24.275 01:30.046 02:19.476 2 36.135
5 51 Jens Getteman 13 32:30.643 01:36.414 02:18.415 2 36.412
6 47 Todd Waters 13 32:32.409 01:38.180 02:18.994 3 36.261
7 37 Gert Krestinov 13 32:36.329 01:42.100 02:17.676 3 36.608
8 60 Brad Anderson 13 32:40.820 01:46.591 02:20.582 2 35.851
9 172 Brent Van Doninck 13 32:41.588 01:47.359 02:19.354 4 36.167
10 272 Neville Bradshaw 13 32:44.314 01:50.085 02:20.794 2 35.797
11 119 Mel Pocock 13 32:49.218 01:54.989 02:16.970 1 36.796
12 387 Yentel Martens 13 32:50.740 01:56.511 02:20.188 3 35.952
13 991 Nathan Watson 13 32:51.847 01:57.618 02:20.478 4 35.878
14 685 Steven Lenoir 13 32:52.764 01:58.535 02:19.963 2 36.01
15 42 Nathan Parker 13 32:55.030 02:00.801 02:20.510 2 35.869

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