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Perfect conditions for round 14 of YMSA Championship

Perfect conditions for round 14 of YMSA Championship

Perfect conditions for round 14 of YMSA Championship

Riders lined up on the start gate at Finningley in near perfect conditions for the YMSA’s championship 14. The previous days rain held off long enough to complete the days racing.

The young autos were the first to battle it out with day member Charlie Heyman having a fantastic run, bagging 1st in all three races, with Oliver Woods and Ben Clarke fighting between themselves for 2nd and 3rd.

Kain Cullingwood tried hard for hole shot in the first race for the juniors but missed out to Lewis Hall who went on to win all three races. Cullingwood dropped off the pace to finish 6th followed by a 5th place and failed to start the final race finishing a disappointing 15th overall.

The small wheel 85’swere dominated by Callum Green who effortlessly won all three races. Jake Waterworth got off to a bad start finishing 6th in the first race but fought to get back on form to take 3rd in the following two races finishing 3rd overall.

The big wheels got off to a flying start with Jack Naylor taking an early lead. The race had to be re-started after a red flag where Naylor made a repeat performance and went on to win all three races.

The seniors saw Macauley Madden start the day on good form finishing 1st in the first race but failed to finish the second race of the day due to a broken chain. Madden made hole shot in the third race but got stuck in the gate when the race was re-started after a red flag finishing a disappointing 20th and 18th overall.

There was a lot of exciting battles throughout all of the races for the A’s with James Batty picking up the paces after a 4th place finish in the first race to take the win from James Lassu in the second race. The two battled in out in the last race of the day with Lassu bagging the win and claiming 1st place overall.

Ashley Powell fought hard against Shaun Bamford to earn his 1st place in the first race of the day for the adult B’s, but missed out to Bamford in the following races. James Mycock battled hard against Will Stafford in all three races with position switching throughout. Mycock managed to get the upper hand finishing 3rd overall.

Sonny Lowther got off to a great start for the C’s but failed to keep the pace finishing 6th. Lowthers pace increased as the day went on has his positions improved to 4th then finally 2nd claiming 4th overall.

Written by Claire Worth



1: Charlie Heyman                                           2: Oliver Woods                                                                3: Ben Clark

4: Mitch Armour                                               5: Kieran Austin                                                                6: Leo Eden


1: Lewis Hall                                                        2: Kurtis Griffiths                                              3: Danny Clarke

4: Harvey Ward                                                 5: Koby Newbould                                           6: Jack Grayshaw

S/W 85

1: Callum Green                                                                2: George Simmutch                                       3: Jake Waterworth

4: Ben Burridge                                                 5: Denny Rapson                                              6: Sammy Price

B/W 85

1: Jack Naylor                                                     2: Robert Ainley                                                                3: Jack Nottingham

4: Regan Barrowclough                                  5: Kyde Marlow                                                                6: Kieran Sembiante


1: Luke Shaw                                                      2: James Henderson                                       3: Luke Atkinson

4: Danny Wrighe                                               5: Aston Dickinson                                           6: Joe Trueman


1: James Lassu                                                   2: Thomas Batty                                                3: Damon Brooks

4: Ryan Bruce                                                     5: Lee Harrison                                                  6: Kris Dickinson


1: Shaun Bamford                                            2: Ashley Powell                                               3: James Mycock

4: Will Stafford                                                  5: Ashley Horsnall                                            6: Brad Dallison


1: Dale Bult                                                         2: Ryan Eccles                                                    3: Sean Hart

4: Sonny Lowther                                             5: Simon Burgess                                              6: Mark Burchell


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