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Paulin consolidates his position

Paulin consolidates his position

Fourth at the French Grand Prix, Gautier Paulin consolidated his second position in the MX2
World Championship, while Steven Frossard scored another moto top three position.

Organized in Ernée, home of the 2005 Motocross of Nations, the French Grand Prix has been a huge
success with the biggest attendance of the season – 38000 spectators – and a great atmosphere with all
the fans cheering the local riders in the scenic French valley. The same fans went back home happy after
a double French win – in the Women’s and MX2 classes – and a great performance in the MX2 class with
four riders in top of the classification, and seven representatives in the top nine overall.


Since the last GP in 2006 the track had been improved with several new jumps, and all the riders
discovered the new sections on Saturday under a blue sky. Both Steven Frossard and Gautier Paulin
scored strong results in the qualifying race, with a second position for Steven and a fifth for Gautier. The
weather remained pleasant on Sunday during the sighting lap, but heavy showers changed everything a
few minutes before the start as the track came muddy and slippery. With these conditions the positions at
the start and around the first turns more or less determined the classification, as there was mainly one
good line; Steven started in third position and finished third, while Gautier earned one place above where
he began to finish eighth, just behind Loic Rombaut. For the first time this season Loic completed the
entire race in the top ten, scoring his best ever GP result with a seventh.

The weather was perfect for the second heat, but the track was even more difficult with many ruts. Neither
Gautier nor Steven got a great start; Gautier placed his Kawasaki in the top ten, while Steven went over
the barriers in the third corner. This time there were more lines on the track and both riders passed
several rivals to improve their ranking; Gautier came back to fourth and Steven made a great performance
as he started in last position and finished fourteenth. Loic Rombaut added two more points to his tally for
the day with a nineteenth place.

Gautier Paulin : ‘We did the sighting lap on a perfect track, just soft as we like, but when we were in the
waiting zone a storm came and the track changed completely. My first start was not good and I had
trouble to pass, made several mistakes and finished eighth. I was not happy with my riding and between
the races I went to the track to watch the MX1 race and looked for some new lines; we also changed
some settings on the bike and even with an average start I was able to come back to fourth. I enjoyed the
second race much more, I was pretty aggressive when I passed my rivals but we needed to score as
many points as possible. Musquin is strong, but I’m sure I can catch him; we’ll continue to fight and work,
he is a little faster than I at the moment and is taking holeshots but we’ll improve these points in the
following weeks.’


Steven Frossard: ‘ I got a good start in the opening race and that was necessary to obtain a good result
as the track was slippery due to the showers. I came back close to Boissière, but I got mud in my goggles
so I decided to secure third position rather than take any risks; I knew that Guarneri was far behind. My
second was average, but in the third corner another rider pushed me out of the track and I crashed and
landed on my shoulder. I came back from last to fourteenth. Honestly, I was expecting a podium here but
with the track conditions it was impossible to come back strongly in the second race.’

Stephane Dassé: ‘We met many people this weekend, as always during the French GP. Gautier had
average start but performed pretty well, his second race was great even if he couldn’t score better than a
fourth position. His first moto was more difficult, we have to work on the starts if we want to be a title
contender. Gautier and David will both come in Hossegor to train with Jacky, we think that it’s necessary
now to have one intensive working week together to prepare for the second part of the series.’

Jean Jacques Luisetti: ‘Steven was strong in the opening race, he scored much more points than his
championship rivals but he lost this advantage when another rider pushed him out at the start of the
second race. He was far behind and came back to fourteenth, that’s not so bad for the standings. Loic
had an amazing first race, he was faster than Paulin and Aubin both of whom never caught him; his
second race was tougher, with a bad start.’

1 Marvin Musquin KTM 50
2 Anthony Boissiere KTM 36
3 Loïc Larrieu Yamaha 34
4 Paulin Gautier Kawasaki 31
5 Ken Roczen Suzuki 28
6 Davide Guarneri Yamaha 27
7 Steven Frossard Kawasaki 27
8 Valentin Teillet KTM 26
9 Nicolas Aubin Yamaha 25
10 Joel Roelants KTM 22
13 Loic Rombaut Kawasaki 16

Race 1
1 Marvin Musquin KTM
2 Anthony Boissiere KTM
3 Steven Frossard Kawasaki
4 Loïc Larrieu Yamaha
5 Arnaud Tonus KTM
6 Valentin Teillet KTM
7 Loic Rombaut Kawasaki
8 Paulin Gautier Kawasaki
9 Nicolas Aubin Yamaha
10 Rui Goncalves KTM

Race 2
1 Marvin Musquin KTM
2 Ken Roczen Suzuki
3 Davide Guarneri Yamaha
4 Paulin Gautier Kawasaki
5 Loïc Larrieu Yamaha
6 Manuel Monni Yamaha
7 Anthony Boissiere KTM
8 Nicolas Aubin Yamaha
9 Joel Roelants KTM
10 Valentin Teillet KTM
19 Loic Rombaut Kawasaki

1 Marvin Musquin KTM 284
2 Paulin Gautier Kawasaki 250
3 Davide Guarneri Yamaha 235
4 Rui Goncalves KTM 222
5 Steven Frossard Kawasaki 205
6 Xavier Boog Suzuki 177
7 Nicolas Aubin Yamaha 161
8 Manuel Monni Yamaha 134
9 Jeremy Van Horebeek KTM 129
10 Ken Roczen Suzuki 120
28 Loic Rombaut Kawasaki 22


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