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Osbourne wins at Stratford

Osbourne wins at Stratford

The fourth round of the Coventry’s club championship and the second of the summer series was held at their home track of Stratford. The track was at its best and it showed through the quality of the races.

Out first were the open class and both Seb Osbourne and Lee Bullock put on a spectacular display of riding. By the end of the first race they were the only riders on the same lap, with Seb taking the win ahead of Lee. In third place came Tom Hambridge after he rode a superb race. Again in the second race Seb shot into the lead with Lee Bullock being the only other rider anywhere near to his pace. Although Mitch Bates had a much better ride this time for third. Seb’s almost flawless riding continued into the final race to give him the win with Lee not far behind. Mitch had another good race to come in third, giving him the third overall.

Next out were the AMX, and Ricky Lethaby got it all his own way with straight wins. However it didn’t come easy for him as he had Charles Davies on him back wheel for the first and second races. However in the final race Ricky pulled a bit more of a lead, leaving Charles to settle for second. Dave Dunn had a good first race in third place, but it was Scott Hambridge who got the overall position with a third in the second and third races.

The Seniors experienced some close racing between David Sweet and Scott Bates. David won the first and third races, followed by Scott, but got pushed back to second in race two as Scott rode a fantastic second race. In race one it was Nathan Buckland who came third, and in races two and three it was Jansen Day. However neither of these came third overall. Instead the final position went to Josh Weildon, who rode the best he’s ridden for a long time and had a consistently good day.

The Big Wheel 85s and Small Wheel 85s went out together and it was the big wheel who dominated the group. In the first race Oliver Townsend was at the head of the group, followed closely by Henry Gilbert, with Sonny Oliver rounding up the top three. All positions change in race two as it was Henry who won, followed by Sonny and this time Oliver rounded up the top three. In the final race Henry came home in first with immense lead over Oliver and Sonny, who were second and third respectively. Overall it was Henry who came first, Oliver in second and Sonny in third. For the Small Wheel’s Alfie Bowtell was the untouchable winner for all three races. Danny Vieira rode well to come second in race one with Jordan Pyne in third. Jordan picked up his pace in races two and three to second, with second overall. In the second race Danny followed him home in third, but a fantastic third race for Jack Geary gave him third in race three and overall.

The Juniors were the penultimate group on track and the competition at the front of the pack was extremely close. Tommie Schofield may have taken all three wins but Mitchell Warhurst was in hot pursuit for the whole day to come second overall. In third place for all races and overall came Jamie Cox, who rode excellent races.

Finally it was the autos turn and Callum Green joined the likes of Seb, Tommie, Ricky and Alfie with a set of straight wins to take first overall. Ethan Cooper rode fantastic for second in each race and overall, with Reece Martin consistently third.

A big thank you to all those who helped out to enable the day to go ahead, including all of the marshals. It was a fantastic day and looking forward to Finningley.


1.       49 Callum Green

2.       4 Ethan Cooper

3.       99 Reece Martin

4.       12 Kieran Ryan

5.       25 Lewis Pyne

6.       150 Arran Patstone


1.       18 Tommie Schofield

2.       41 Mitchell Warhurst

3.       50 Jamie Cox

4.       118 Jamie Osbourne

5.       30 Benjamin Kind

6.       7 Chris Mills

Small Wheel 85s:

1.       666 Alfie Bowtell

2.       55 Jordan Pyne

3.       22 Jack Geary

4.       3 Danny Vieira

5.       5 Jack Biddle

6.       31 Toby Scott

Big Wheel 85s:

1.       78 Henry Gilbert

2.       181 Oliver Townsend

3.       7 Sonny Oliver

4.       77 Callum Loveridge

5.       88 Ryan Farrell

6.       26 Callum McLean


1.       76 David Sweet

2.       11 Scott Bates

3.       311 Wheildon

4.       17 Dean Hakes

5.       72 Jansen Day

6.       56 Nathan Buckland


1.       707 Ricky Lethaby

2.       102 Charles Davies

3.       14 Scott Hambridge

4.       86 Dave Dunn

5.       315 Ryan Marshall

6.       44 Stephen Hodder


1.       1 Seb Osbourne

2.       78 Lee Bullock

3.       12 Mitch Bates

4.       79 Jamie McCarthy

5.       26 Mark Taylor

6.       18 Thomas Hambridge


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