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MVR-D Suzuki rider, Carl Nunn, climbed onto the top step of the podium once again at the weekend as the RM-Z450 rider took a great second race win at round six of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship, held at Foxhill in Wiltshire.

Qualifying third fastest, Nunn was slow to get into his stride in the first race of day, but steadily began to move through the pack before a clash with Bryan Mackenzie forced him to restart his race. A late pass on third placed rider Dougan, momentarily gave Nunn a potential podium, before Dougan came back holding it the flag to leave Nunn in fourth.

By race two, Nunn was quick from the gate, before being hit going into the first corner, forcing him restart his attack once again. However, this time Nunn would come back even stronger, catching leader Anderson to take the lead with less than two laps to go, holding it to the flag to take another great win and setting the fastest lap of the race by over two seconds.

Carl Nunn: “Naturally I’m over the moon with another win, but slightly disappointed by my first race. A podium would have been great in the first race, but Dougan was strong in the final lap and I had to settle for fourth. The positive news is that we’re sitting third in the series standings with just two rounds to go and I can’t wait to get back out on the bike in Scotland.”

In MX2 Mattis Karro had a weekend to forget. Qualifying well in fifth spot, the young Latvian retired from the first race while sitting in sixth spot after a bad landing damaged his RM-Z250. Karro’s determination to put it behind him in race two was short lived, after a heavy crash on the second lap forced him to retire again.

Mattis Karro: “Foxhill is certainly a round for me to forget. The crash in the second race was a big one, and I beat myself up quite a bit. Thankfully it was nothing too serious and I’ll be fine for the next round of the World Championship at Lommel this weekend.”

Team manager, Mark Chamberlain: Big congratulations to Carl once again. He rode extremely well in both races, but was just a little unlucky in the first race. In the second, he rode fantastically and showed what he and the RM-Z450 are really capable of. Mattis on the other hand had one of those weekends that we all get from time to time. Thankfully that big crash doesn’t seem to have caused any major issues, allowing him to look forward to Lommel this weekend.”

Race Results

MX1 Race 1: 1st Gareth Swanpoel, 2nd Brad Andeson, 3rd Jason Dougan, 4th Carl Nunn (SUZUKI), 5th Tom Church, 6th James Noble, 7th Jordan Rose, 8th Bryan MacKenzie, 9th Stuart Edmonds, 10th Danny Smith

MX1 Race 2: 1st Carl Nunn (SUZUKI), 2nd Brad Anderson, 3rd Tom Church, 4th Gareth Swanepoel, 5th Jason Dougan, 6th Bryan MacKenzie, 7th Scott Columb (SUZUKI), 8th Gordon Crockard, 9th James Noble, 10th Jamie Lewis

MX1 Overall: 1st Anderson, 2nd Nunn (SUZUKI), 3rd Swanepoel, 4th Church, 5th Dougan, 6th MacKenzie, 7th Noble, 8th Columb (SUZUKI), 9th Crockard, 10th Edmonds

MX1 Championship: 1st Anderson (264), 2nd Swanepoel (215), 3rd Nunn (SUZUKI) (203), 4th Noble (201), 5th Church (150), 6th Columb (SUZUKI) (143), 7th Dougan (138), 8th Billy MacKenzie (127), 9th Bryan MacKenzie (105), 10th Alex Snow (97)

MX2 Race 1: 1st Stephen Sword, 2nd Jake Nicholls, 3rd Pascal Leuret, 4th Neville Bradshaw, 5th Martin Barr (SUZUKI), 6th Scott Elderfield, 7th Zach Osbourne, 8th Mel Pocock, 9th Graeme Irwin, 10th Wayne Smith

MX2 Race 2: 1st Jake Nicholls, 2nd Pascal Leuret, 3rd Zach Osbourne, 4th Martin Barr (SUZUKI), 5th Scott Elderfield, 6th Neville Bradshaw, 7th Wayne Smith, 8th Mel Pocock, 9th Graeme Irwin, 10th Michael Philips

MX2 Overall: 1st Nicholls, 2nd Leuret, 3rd Osbourne, 4th Barr (SUZUKI), 5th Bradshaw, 6th Elderfield, 7th Sword, 8th Pocock, 9th Smith, 10th Irwin

MX Championship: 1st Sword (252), 2nd Nicholls (208), 3rd Bradshaw (203), 4th Barr (SUZUKI) (173), 5th Karro (159), 6th Elderfied (156), 7th Smith (144), 8th Irwin (137), 9th Leuret (135), 10th Carless (126)


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