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Nora MX – Quad and SXS Championship

Nora MX – Quad and SXS Championship

In weather that has typified this years British summer Round 7 of the Nora MX championships got underway at Culham Park on Sunday 15th July under a canopy of dark foreboding clouds. The track having already seen a few days of heavy rain was in pretty good condition, although the out lying reaches of the park area, off track areas,  towards the Thames did nothing to entice the casual walker to tarry and spend time watching the days proceedings.

Several classes were competing throughout the day, with the usual format of qualifying followed by three blocks of races.

Some skilled  racing was to be seen in the Youth, Clubman & Rookie classes, although due to some of the steep inclines on this circuit a few of the 50/100cc bikes did struggle to master some of the hills during the morning session. Thankfully the rain held off for the day and the track dried out early afternoon making life considerably easier for the juniors.

No such problems were visible with the Masters, Inters and Expert classes who made easy going of the track with some impressive riding on display, especially evident with the overall championship front runners.

To make things interesting for the quads the SXS drivers were also in attendance for the meeting, to say they had an action packed event would be to underestimate the mishaps and competitive driving urge of the participants in this class. Throughout qualification and the race heats the recovery team and marshals’ were kept busy as vehicles turned over, lost wheels, nose dived into ruts and generally threw themselves over the berms and onto the hillside with no means of self extrication. From a viewers perspective it was all highly entertaining but from the drivers viewpoint I can only surmise frustration was the order of the day for some teams.

All this excitement generated from the SXS vehicles couldn’t have helped the quads in the last block of the day though as very definite signs of heavy vehicle activity started to take its toll on the racing line, despite the best efforts of the support crew to keep the track in fighting fettle throughout the day.

It would be fair to say that all arms of the support teams, recovery, track maintenance, marshals’’ and organisers played there part in making this a successful meeting for the drivers in what were difficult conditions on a first rate, well maintained track.

Words and Images by Dave Gilbert

Race Results for the adult classes:

Experts & Inters – Championship Overall results

1st – 113 – Paul Winrow
2nd – 11 – Carl Bunce
3rd – 89 – George Callaway

Masters – Championship Overall Results

1st – 113 – Paul Winrow
2nd  – 16 – Edward Davies
3rd –  22 – Darren Bridge

SXS – Championship Overall results

1st – 59 – Martin Fletcher
2nd – 14 – Justin Reid
3rd – 107 – Jack Rowe

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