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MX2 GP OF LATVIA: A challenging race

MX2 GP OF LATVIA: A challenging race

The Husqvarna Motocross Team by Ricci Racing was represented at the tenth round of the MX2 World Championship in Latvia only by Alessandro Lupino. The weekend has been heavily influenced by the variability of the weather which changed suddenly from sunshine into heavy rain. Alessandro Lupino put himself into the 14th starting gate for the qualifying heat on Saturday. But immediately after the start “Lupo” was involved in a crash which dropped him back and forced him again to fight through the field up to the fifteenth position.

Sunday began with good omens for the Italian rider who was able to set a promising ninth place in the warm up in the morning. In the first heat Alex secured his 15th position through the first corner and the first laps of the race, he was even able to climb up the rankings to tenth position. Sadly in the twelfth lap a loss of concentration dropped him down a couple of positions which he was not able to gain back. At the end of race one “Lupo” passed the checkered flag in twelfth place.

In the break between the first and second heat heavy rain made the track almost for heat 2. In the big wave of mud caused by the starting riders, Lupino found himself around the tenth position after the first lap. With some ups and downs he was able to keep this position until the finish line. The twenty points Alex earned in the two heats put him into the twelfth position overall in the MX2 class of the Latvian GP.

In the overall Championship standings Lupino defends his tenth position and the small gap to the riders ahead of him makes the team optimistic for the rest of the season.

“It was not an exhilarating day and I was hoping to do much better. The first ten minutes in the first heat I rode well, but then I lost the rhythm and I could not keep a good speed. In the second one, I really missed the feeling with the track which was significantly worsened. I hope to do better next Sunday in Russia.”

The next race will be on Sunday, July 22 in Semigorje Russia.
MX2 world championship standings after 10 rounds: 1. Herlings (KTM) 428, 2. Searle (Kawasaki) 387, 3.Van Horebeek (KTM) 375, 4.Roelants (Kawasaki) 310, 5. Tixier (KTM) 279, 6, Nicholls (KTM) 255, 7 Anstie (Honda) 224, 8. Butron (KTM) 197, 9 Ferrandis (Kawasaki) 190, 10. Lupino (Husqvarna) 183.


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