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As in every endeavour, success in motocross racing breeds recognition. After securing the junior motocross title a few weeks ago, Matiss Karro has been a sought after rider, with a number of organizers and teams inviting him to participate in racing events. After his successful debut at the German Masters series a week before, Matiss opted to have another outing in the series at the invitation of Bodo Schmidt. The field of battle this time was the beautifully scenic track of Holzgerlingen, a stone’s throw away from the Mercedes-Benz factory at Sindelfingen. The German-based Teka Suzuki racing team was once again fielding a full line up, ad Matiss took his place next to team regulars Pierre-Alexandre Renet and Evgeny Tyletski.

The Latvian teenager was once again mounted on a 250cc machine, a definite drawback against the bigger Open Class machines, particularly so on the steep uphills of Holzgerlingen. Matiss, however, was always going to make a game showing of it, and blitzed his mount around the track to the 10th fastest qualifying time.

The first place where his power disadvantage vis-a-vis the other riders made itself known, was down the start straight, and Matiss was well buried in the pack when the snarling pack rounded the first corner. He is not one to let the battle come to him, however, and he started using his superior cornering skills to make up positions. At near mid-race distance, he had forged his way well into the points scoring zone. Sitting in 15th position, he had sight on a strong of riders all the way up to tenth spot, and building up his attack. Just then, a technical problem called a halt to proceedings, and Matiss coasted to the side of the track, his first race having died a premature death.

The second start again left the sixteen year old floundering, but yet again he set sail and moved forward. This time he made it into fifteenth position after a hard-fought battle with wily old warhorse Jiri Cepelak. The glorious sun had by now baked the track bone dry, and what was a lovely tacky surface in the morning, had by now turned into a rock hard surface which favoured the bigger machines even more. Nevertheless, Matiss held steady and finished in 15th position against a quality field.

As he has become accustomed to, Matiss was due for a long trip immediately after the race. After collecting two machines on loan from the team, the firm of Karro and son headed off, slightly un-poetically away from the sunset, in the general direction of Latvia. Matiss will participate in the final of the Latvian Championships this weekend, after which he will head back to the Benelux to participate in the GP op the Netherlands at Lierop.


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