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The riders arrived at Cusses Gorse, in the rolling Wiltshire countryside for the penultimate round of the BYMX series. Organised by the Devon MCC, and the track prepped during the week previous by Justin Barclay the scene was set for some fantastic racing, as the championship comes to a close, with just one more round remaining at Brookthorpe, after this one everyone had to be on top form.

Will Worden #106 makes the jump in the Open class

The racing got underway after the qualification period was over and it was the Big Wheel 85 class that kicked off the action on day one.

Series leader Luke Hawkins set off at the pace we are all accustomed too, taking the lead with Bradley Pocock and Ryan Houghton hard on his back wheel. Hawkins pulled a good lead and took race one with ease, leaving Pocock to come home second and Josh Brine getting the third place just ahead of Houghton, and a hard chasing Matthew Fleming in fifth. Race two and it was Hawkins that took the lead, with Pocock, Dan Thornhill, and Bryn Clarke trying to chase him down. Hawkins went on to win his second race of the day, Pocock settling for second, whilst Thornhill had to battle for third with Bryn Clarke.

The podium packed at Cusses

With James Dunn out with a shoulder injury, Jordan Godwin and Michael Eccles must have thought they could get some good points from this meeting in the Small Wheel 85 class, but the surprise in race one was Tom Neal who took the lead, but Neal had Josh Turner, Eccles and Godwin in tow, by lap two Turner took the lead and left the others to battle it out. Eccles held Godwin for a couple of laps, but Godwin wanted the win and got past Eccles and went after Turner. Turner won the race, with Godwin and Ben Watson, getting second and third, Neal coming home fourth. Race two and Godwin took a start to finish race win, leaving Rickie Rodderick and Callan Cooper to decide second and third places. Rodderick took second, with Ben Watson in third after Cooper fell off with two laps to go.

In the Junior 65 class, it was all change at the front of race one, as Robert Yates back on form took the lead, with Danny Lanfear, Josh Coleman and series leader Ben Green all chasing after him. Yates took a start to finish race win, with Lanfear taking the second place, Coleman took third, Green came off on lap three and let Alfie Bowtell and Jack Wilson get past him to take fourth and fifth, Green coming home sixth. Race two and Green bounced back from his disappointing race one finish, by taking the race start to finish win, Lanfear claimed the second, with Coleman third after a hard battle with Ryan Snaith who eventually took fourth.

With just one race on day one in the Youth Open, Lewis Trickett showed he likes the hard pack tracks by taking the lead, with Edward Allingham and James Hutchinson, chasing after him. Allingham took Trickett on lap six and went on to win with ease.
The race battles further down were changing on every lap, and it was the hard charging Scott Elderfield who eventually took second ahead of Sam Davies in third.
Lewis Abbott took fourth, after battling with Trickett who took the fifth place, Josh Waterman came through from twelfth place on lap one to take the sixth place.

Day two dawned and after overnight rain, the track was a little tricky for everyone, as the racing got under way for another day of surprises, and some fantastic shows of racing.

It looked like Luke Hawkins was going for the overall race wins as the Big Wheel 85s third race got under way, Hawkins took the holeshot and had a good lead from Matthew Fleming in second, Ryan Houghton, Aaron Pipon and Daniel Hutchinson chasing hard behind him. Then it happened Hawkins hit machine problems on lap one and went out. Fleming took the lead, then he dropped it and Hutchinson who had made his way past Houghton and Pipon took the lead and went on to win race three.
Pipon took second, and Jamie McCanney came through to take third. Race four and Hawkins was back and took a start to finish race win, Pocock took second place, Luke Dean third and Hutchinson claimed fourth. With Hawkins dnf in race three Pocock took the overall, with Hutchinson second and Houghton third. Hawkins finishing down in eighth place, but still in the lead of the championship by 73 points.

In the Small Wheel 85 class, Jordan Godwin took the overall on the weekend, taking another two race wins in races three and four. Tom Neal took overall second, and Rickie Rodderick and Ben Watson took the overall third and fourth.

Danny Lanfear took the race win in the third race for the Junior 65 riders, Coleman finished second, with Jay Lamb third. Race four and Robert Yates took the win, ahead of Ben Green who fought his way through the pack to take second, Ryan Snaith claimed the third place after Danny Lanfear who was second nearly all race had a couple of offs and finished down in sixth. Lanfear took the overall result for the weekend, with Yates second and Green third.

The Youth Open race two saw Jake Shipton take the lead, ahead of David Games and Richie Worrel, but by lap three Elderfield was chasing them down after a few offs. Elderfield took Shipton and went on to win with ease, Allingham who also had a bad start and a few problems fought his way into second, and Sam Davies finished third.
Race three and Trickett again got the holeshot ahead of Allingham and Will Worden.
Lap four and Trickett threw it away has he had a huge get off on the downhill jump, letting Allingham tale over at the front. Worden was in second but under pressure from Elderfied who got Worden on lap seven and set off after Allingham. Davies pushed Worden down another place has he went past after Elderfield. Allingham took the win with Elderfield second and Davies third. Allingham took the overall over the weekend, with Elderfield claiming second, Sam Davies got the third place, with Josh Waterman taking the fourth place after some steady rides all weekend.


Big Wheel 85

1. Bradley Pocock 161 points 2. Daniel Hutchinson 148. 3. Ryan Houghton 142. 4. Dan Thornhill 140. 5. Jamie McCanney 139. 6. Luke Dean 138. 7. Bryn Clarke 136. 8. Luke Hawkins 135. 9. Aaron Pipon 130. 10. Luke Norris 129.

Small Wheel 85

1. Jordan Godwin 177 points. 2. Tom Neal 160. 3. Rickie Rodderick 152. 4. Ben Watson 150. 5. Corie Southwood 134. 6. Michael Eccles 134. 7. Liam Knight 128.
8. Callan Cooper 124. 9. Connor Clark 122. 10. Joe Collier 119.

Junior 65

1. Danny Lanfear 165 points 2. Robert Yates 164. 3. Ben Green 156. 4. Josh Coleman 150. 5. Ryan Snaith 141. 6. Jack Wilson 137. 7. Jason Meara 136. 8. Alfie Bowtell 133. 9. Josh Gilbert 124. 10. Dylan Hodgkins 120.

Youth Open

1. Edward Allingham 132 points. 2. Scott Elderfield 129. 3. Sam Davies 120. 4. Josh Waterman 107. 5. Jake Shipton 99. 6. Will Worden 95. 7. Connor Walkley 93. 8. Daniel McCanney 91. 9. Joe Gregory 89. 10. Kelvin Townsend 86.

Report and Images by Bryan Atkinson


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