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Mike Phillips weekend ends in trip to hospital

Mike Phillips weekend ends in trip to hospital


I arrived at the Woodville track Saturday afternoon in nice sun shine and couldn’t wait to ride the fast tacky flowing track. By Sunday morning things had changed a little weather wise and the rain started to come down. At times it looked like clearing but unfortunately it stuck around and made for a muddy sticky day.

Practice: I didn’t muck around in practise and just held it wide open to make it around the sticky muddy track. I was having fun and put down the fastest time by 7 sec.

Moto1: Even though I had the fastest practice time we still had to pick pegs for our gate position and I unfortunately got an outside gate.
I made to most of it and came around the first turn in around 4th. I pushed into 2nd behind team mate Justin McDonald and followed some of him lines for a few laps. I made the pass for first and pulled a little gap but got caught up in some lappers a few laps later and Kawasaki’s Ben Townley came right up on me. I went wide in a corner not long after and Townly cut on the inside of me and made the pass. I followed Townly for the next two laps and on the last lap pushed hard to make a pass but couldn’t get close enough. Finished in 2nd

Moto2: I got a good jump off the gates and came around the first turn in the top 3 but spun out pushing a little to hard. I didn’t go down but I lost loads of places.
I started the big push from the back of the top 10 and by the 4th lap I was in 4th. They were only giving us 5 lap races for some reason and with them cutting a big chunk off the track after practice they were under 9 minute races. Not ideal but I chucked everything at it on the last lap and passed KTM rider Shaun Fogarty for 3rd and caught right on to the back wheel of team mate McDonald. Unfortunately not able to make a pass I finished 3rd.


They cut the day short with only two races. I tied on points with McDonald and I finished 3rd overall on the count back because he had a better 2nd moto placing.

We still had a feature race that took to fastest 40 rider from all classes.
I got out to a good start and was sitting in 3rd but took a line I hadn’t tried all day and got a kicker. It chucked me over the bars and I slid along the ground. If it wasn’t for a woodin batten marker peg I would of come out ok but the batten had other ideas. I hit the batten with my head at the bass and it put a 30mm split in my top lip. I could feel my lip hanging there so pulled out of the race.

Overall I had a fun day. Despite waiting 4 hours at the hospital to get my lip stitched up and a dead leg I made it though the weekend alright with the fastest times in both motos and practice.
I get back on the MX2 bike now and focus the next two months on speed and intensity for this years Australian MX nationals that start at the end of March. I’m riding for Honda Australia in the mx Lites class. Will let you know more closer to the start of the series.


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