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Luke Norris ends season at Little Silver

Luke Norris ends season at Little Silver

Luke Norris ends season at Little Silver

Little Silver was the last round of the British championship and I was set to end the season on a high note. We’d had a lot of rain the week before but the track was surprisingly dry. It’s not one of my favourite tracks but I put that behind me and focused on doing my best.

Qualifying was extremely close, I got a good lap in early which put me into 10th, as the session went on I put more laps in but couldn’t better my time. I dropped back to 17th but if I’d have been a second a lap faster I’d have been inside the top 12. 17th gave me a reasonable gate pick so I wasn’t too down after that.

Race 1
Lining up for the first race, yet again someone stole the gate I had prepped and I was left with a very soft rut to line up in. I didn’t get a very good jump out the gate and was left near the back of the pack. The first few laps were carnage and I tried my best to pass as many people as I could. About 5 laps in the rider in front of me dropped it in a rut right in front of me, I had nowhere to go and ended up losing more positions. I controlled my frustration and got my head down, within a few laps I had gone from 32nd to about 25th. I made a few more passes which put me into 22nd. With 3 laps to go the next group of riders were a good 8 seconds in front of me. I reeled them in and was only a bikes length behind them at the finish. A very frustrating race but I learnt a lot from it.

Race 2
After getting a terrible start in race 1 I knew I had to get a better start in the second race. I got a better jump out the gate and was inside the top 20 going round the first corner. The first half of the lap I lost a few places by making a few mistakes and going off line. Within the first few laps I’d made some passes and got inside the top 20. There was a group of riders about 5 seconds in front of me which I could see. I tried my best to be smooth and ride some consistent laps. Within 3 laps I’d caught the group and passed my way into 16th. I was also closing in on 15th but with the races only being 20 minutes I ran out of time. Looking back at the lap chart my times were good enough to get me inside the top 12, just need to work on perfecting my start technique.

Race 3
The final race of the day was mixed MX1 and MX2 which was 30 minutes + 2 laps. Luckily I got enough points from the second race to just get me into the final race. I had 33rd gate pick which meant I had to start right on the outside. I got a very good jump but got out dragged by the 450’s down the straight. There was a big pile up on the second corner and unfortunately I found myself in it, dropping right to the back. With 30 minutes I knew I had time to catch back up, I just needed to not make any mistakes. Within the first few laps I’d caught up to a few riders and put myself into the top 30. The next group of riders were quite a way ahead of me but I didn’t give up trying to catch them. With about 10 minutes to go I caught and passed my way into 28th, pulled a big gap on the riders behind me and rode my own race. Unfortunately the next few riders were quite a way ahead and I ran out of time to catch back up. I was fairly happy with 28th but knew I could have done a lot better with a decent start.

Being the last race of the season we’re now having a few weeks off the bike ready for training over the winter and getting ready for 2013. A huge thank you for all your help and support over the 2012 season, without everyone’s help we couldn’t do it. It hasn’t been what I expected with ongoing injuries but I’ve learnt a lot and know how to improve on next year. 2013 will be a better year for us and expect to see some better results!


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