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Lanes Kawasaki's James Harrison stuns with Maxxis MX2 top twenty debut

Lanes Kawasaki's James Harrison stuns with Maxxis MX2 top twenty debut

Lanes Kawasaki

With the MXY2 championship wrapped up, and one Maxxis British Motocross Championship round to go, Lanes Kawasaki promoted MXY2 rider James Harrison to the MX2 class for the grand final at Little Silver in Exeter this past weekend. Harrison did not disappoint either, stepping up to the mark with a fantastic debut.

Qualifying on Sunday morning went smoothly; although Harrison had tough competition and a slippery track to deal with, he qualified in twenty-third. His first race also started off mid-pack, but with his usual determination, Harrison soon made quick progress, rejoining the top twenty a third of the way in. Attacking more seasoned rivals in front of him earned him three more places, ending the first race in seventeenth.

Buoyed by his first race performance, Harrison turned up the intensity one more notch in race two and succeeded in making a stunning start in eleventh. The run up front turned into a battle for survival as other rivals slower off the gate forced their way past, relegating Harrison first to fifteenth, and then finally to seventeenth.

Two seventeenth places gave him enough points to be considered for the super-final race at the end of the day. Here both MX1 and MX2 classes race together, and in this race, Harrison again showed early promise. Moving into twenty-third place early on, he again had to contend with not only his MX2 rivals but tough MX1 competition as well. After thirty long minutes, Harrison ended the race in a combined twenty-ninth place, or sixteenth in the MX2 class for an eighteenth place overall on the day.

Commented team principal Dean Lane: “When James first spoke about riding the MX2 class at Little Silver, I wasn’t sure it was the best move. It’s a big step up from the MXY2 which he’s rode all year. But he was out to prove me wrong. And that he did! After qualifying we went into the first race thinking anywhere in the top 27-30 would be a good result. But no, he surprised us with a 17th. He rode a solid race and wasn’t worried at all with the competition around him. Another 17th in the second race put him into the super-pole at the end of the day. So yeah, he surprised us all really.

“We’re very proud of him, and I’d like to thank him for all the hard work he’s put in all year! He’s our Lone Ranger! Riders have come and gone this year, and James has been there consistently, bringing us great results!!”

James Harrison (#153): Two seventeenths and in the super-final a twenty-ninth, I’m happy!


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