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It was a win-win situation for the MVR-D Suzuki team at the weekend, as Natalie Kane completed her unbeaten run of wins in the ACU Ladies British Motocross Championship to take the title and Mattis Karro returned to the top step of the podium in the final race of the year at the Landrake track in Cornwall.

Quick from the off, Karro qualified second quickest on his RM-Z250, but would have to wait until the second and final race of the day to taste success after a collision in race one forced him out of contention. By race two, it was a case of normal service resumed for the young Latvian, racing hard with Neville Bradshaw to eventually cross the line with a three second advantage.

Mattis Karro: “It’s obviously great to end the championship with a win, although I am disappointed by the first race. WIth the pace we had, I think an overall win was very possible, but these things happen and it’s just nice to end with a win after such a tough time.”

In the Ladies championship, Kane continued her total domination of the class, winning the first race of the day by a massive 26 seconds, before going on to cruise to another win in the second race, taking the title with one round to go.

Natalie Kane: It’s great to take the title early and nice to do it with an unbeaten run of race wins. I’d like to thank everyone for their support this year. The RM-Z250 has been the perfect tool for this and with the expert support of the MVR-D guys, it’s all gone relatively smoothly.”

Team manager, Mark Chamberlain: “A big, big congratulations to both riders this weekend. After the disappointment of Carl’s injury last weekend, it’s nice to taste success again. Nat has ridden incredibly well again this season. To say she has dominated the ladies class is frankly an understatement and she deserves this without question. For Mattis to end his turbulent year with a win is a real boost for both him and the rest of the team. A big thanks to everyone involved this season.”

Race Results:

MX2 Race 1: 1st Mel Pocock, 2nd Alan Keet, 3rd Scott Elderfield, 4th Jake Nicholls, 5th Pascal Leuret, 6th Martin Barr (Suzuki), 7th Graeme Irwin, 8th Michael Phillips, 9th Kounsith Vongsala, 10th Luke Hawkins

MX2 Race 2: 1st Mattis Karro (Suzuki), 2nd Neville Bradshaw, 3rd Pascal Leuret, 4th Mel Pocock, 5th Michael Philips, 6th Shane Carless, 7th Scott Elderfield, 8th Alan Keet, 9th Kounsith Vongsala, 10th Jake Nicholls.

MX2 Overall: 1st Mel Pocock, 2nd Pascal Leuret, 3rd Alan Keet, 4th Scott Elderfield, 5th Micahel Phillips, 6th Jake Nicholls, 7th Mattis Karro (Suzuki), 8th Neville Bradshaw, 9th Kounsith Vongsala, 10th Shane Carless.

MX2 Championship: 1st Stephen Sword (274), 2nd Jake Nicholls (244), 3rd Neville Bradshaw (243), 4th Martin Barr (Suzuki) (213), 5th Scott Elderfield (205), 6th Mattis Karro (Suzuki) (195), 7th Mel Pocock (177), 8th Pascal Leuret (171), 9th Graeme Irwin (168), 10th Wayne Smith (156)

MX1 Race 1: 1st Billy Mackenzie, 2nd Shaun Simpson, 3rd Stephen Sword, 4th Tom Church, 5th Jason Dougan, 6th Gareth Swanepoel, 7th Jordan Rose, 8th Scott Columb (Suzuki), 9th Ryan Hughes, 10th Ben Lamay

MX1 Race 2: 1st Stephen Sword, 2nd James Noble, 3rd Billy Mackenzie, 4th Jason Dougan, 5th Tom Church, 6th Ben Lamay, 7th Bryan Mackenzie, 8th Jordan Rose, 9th Wayne Smith, 10th Shaun Simpson.

MX1 Overall: 1st Stephen Sword, 2nd Billy Mackenzie, 3rd Jason Dougan, 4th Tom Church, 5th Shaun Simpson, 6th James Noble, 7th Jordan Rose, 8th Ben Lamay, 9th Byan Mackenzie, 10th Scott Columb (Suzuki)

MX1 Championship: 1st Brad Anderson (289), 2nd Gareth Swanepoel (250), 3rd James Noble (231), 4th Tom Church (212), 5th Carl Nunn (Suzuki) (203), 6th Billy Mackenzie (192), 7th Jason Dougan (184), 8th Scott Columb (Suzuki) (174), 9th Bryan Mackenzie (137), 10th Jordan Rose (123)


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