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Joe’s all Go! - Whiterose MXC (ORPA)

Joe’s all Go! - Whiterose MXC (ORPA)


Round 10 of the WRMXC Championship, didn’t get off to a good start following torrential rain leaving the original venue at Sand Hutton waterlogged. Fortunately, with the help of the landowner and crew at Dalton a last minute venue change ensured that over 230 riders that had booked in were able to ride.

The Experts class was once again dominated by Ash Harland who took three wins from three. Despite rising well all day, George Walton had to settle for three second places and second overall. Jim Scrafton took third overall.

Ryan Bruce came out on top in the A class, with another three from three for overall first. A consistent  Darren Gill rode well and with three second places took second overall. Anthony Leather took all three third places for third overall.

The B Class saw a terrific three from three for Dan Greensmith, who took a well deserved overall win. Ben Hemingway took second after two good second places and a consistent Tony Watt took third overall with a third and two fourth places.

Dave Thomas extended his lead in the C1 class with three good solid performances to claim overall first. Gav Lowes kept the pressure up , closely following him home for overall second. Steven Todd took third overall

The C2 class James Barret further extended his lead in the Championship taking three from three for the overall win. A third and two fourths gave Chris Tracey second overall and Kyle Formby took third with the help of a good second place in the second moto.

The Youth Open class saw a good entry, with some new faces racing with us for the first time. Lewis Parkinson took the overall, with two firsts and a second. Young Josh Hart took second overall with a first second and third. Elliott Cruickshank came home third.

Another big class in the BW 85 saw Luke Cockburn take the overall with two firsts and a second. A first and a second helped Kane young secure second overall, and two third places gave Macauley Madden third overall.

Two firsts gave Kenny Ryalls the overall in the SW 85 class. A first and two thirds gave Joe Sutcliffe overall second, with Aaron Roe a close third with two seconds and a fourth.

Over 20 riders battled it out in the 65 class, with Alfie Mountford coming out on top, with two firsts and a second. Hot on his heels was Joe Jacques with a first and two seconds for second overall. Three third places gave Rivers Wilson third overall.

Nearly twenty riders in the Auto’s made it a keenly contested event, with Ethan Cooper taking the overall thanks to two wins and a fourth. Jake Naisbitt put in a good performance to take second overall, with Elliott Barrass claiming a good third on the day. Probably the most unfortunate rider of the day must have been Reece Simpson. Two holeshots along with two second places still wasn’t enough to bring him into the reckoning. In the second moto he had quite a big off, and was eventually found in a hedge, and continued to finish the race albeit in last place! Just wasn’t Reece’s Day!

A big thanks goes out to all the lap scorers,  marshals  and other behind the scenes helpers, and also to all the riders that turned up despite the last minute change of venue.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 16th August at Bielby for the Air Ambulance Charity Do, with a great nights entertainment and fund raising on the saturday night before the event.



1. 292 Ashley Harland
2. 112 George Walton
3. 743 Jim Scrafton
4. 74 Dean gray
5. 741 John Scrafton
6. 108 Les Watchman


1. 62 Ryan Bruce
2. 14 Darren Gill
3. 138 Anthony Leather
4. 17 Dan Farrington 33
5. 83 Ian rossiter
6. 311 Ash Crossley


1. 3 Dan Greensmith
2. 99 Ben Hemingway
3. 72 Tony Watt
4. 17 Andy Hornshaw
5. 2 Spencer Tidswell
6. 22 Scott Hedley


(Revised, top two were B riders coming back from injury, who kindly asked that they be withdrawn from results)

1. 279 Dave Thomas
2. 60 Gav Lowes
3. 147 Steven Todd
4. 21 M Dawson
5. 4 Paul Dixon
6. 18 John Lightfoot


1. 24 James Barrett
2. 276 Chris Tracey
3. 57 Kyle Formby
4. 308 Andy Evis
5. 268 Nathan Ditchburn
6. 2 Robert Moore

Youth Open

1. 115 Lewis Parkinson
2. 777 Josh Hart
3. 76 Elliott Cruickshank
4. 41 Brett Sanderson
5. 34 Luke Barratt
6. 3 Mathew Colwill

BW 85

1. x Luke Cockburn
2. 222 Kane Young
3. 114 Macauley Madden
4. 212 Damien Farrell
5. 101 Josh Cadman
6. 171 Josh Hornshaw

SW 85

1. 69 Kenny Ryalls
2. 52 Joe Sutcliffe
3. 177 Aaron Roe
4. 19 Jack Hills
5. 119 Kurtis Williams
6. 113 Garry Kiddy


1. 8 Alfie Mountford
2. 3 Joe Jacques
3. 11 Rivers Wilson
4. 33 Adam Burgoyne
5. 14 Reece Madden
6. 7x Lewis Edwards


1. 4 Ethan Cooper
2. 72 Jake Naisbitt
3. 8 Elliot Barrass
4. 6 Corey Dodds
5. 78 Reece Simpson
6. 33 Thomas Dodsworth

The next Whiterose MXC meeting is on 16th August  at Bielby (YO42 1NT).

Charity event in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance and The Great North Air Ambulance.

Saturday Night (15th)
(Free Camping Saturday Night)

Bucking Bronco – Bouncy Castle – Disco- Karaoke – Hypnotist – Auction

Auction items include signed race shirts.

FREE BBQ 6-7pm

Sunday (16th)

Raffle – Spot Prizes


Sponsors so Far:

Muk Junkie
Custom Lids
Bikesport Newcastle
Moto Shack
Tee Bees
G Force Suspension
Thompsons Fish and Chips
Carters Paints
Fast Stop Brake Centre
Milton Street Motors
DK Off Road / Delkevic


Adult classes £35
Auto’s to Big Wheel 85 £30
Free Day Licence Free Membership.

Experts – cash prizes
A’s- Trophies to 6th
B’s- Trophies to 6th
C’s- Trophies to 6th
Youth 125, 144, 150 & 250f’s 14-18 Trophies to 10th
Big wheel 85 – Trophies to 10th
Small wheel 85 – Trophies to 10th
65’s – Trophies to 10th
Auto’s – Trophies to 10th




Booking in Paul 07765882430 or Ian 07716294361
or please can you leave a mobile contact number.

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Race Report: Ian Lessiter

Photograph’s courtesy of Alex Daniel:


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