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Jack Brunell edging closer to a place in the championship Top Five

Jack Brunell edging closer to a place in the championship Top Five

Last weekend (13th – 14th June), the third round of the 2009 ADAC MX Masters Series was staged at the Aichwald circuit, some six miles to the east of Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg). The event, hosted by the MSC Aichwald club, took place in brilliant sunshine with summer temperatures of around 26°C – perfect conditions for some top-class racing. The 12,000 spectators who turned up at this excellently prepared natural race track saw the third podium spot claimed by Jack Brunell from Old Windsor (Berkshire), riding for Sturm Racing in this year’s ADAC MX Youngster Cup.


As early as the free practice session, the 20-year-old showed that he had mastered the track conditions and made clear his intention to battle for a top-five place by posting the second-best lap time in his group.

“The track was real nice in the first practice. I was back on my race bike which is much faster than the practice bike. I felt good on the bike and recorded the second-fastest time in my group. I was feeling confident for the timed practice.”

The track had been watered beforehand, which left the surface rather wet and slightly upset Jack’s rhythm. Even so, he still recorded the fifth-best lap time in his group to secure tenth place in the starting line-up for the motos. Despite the promising conditions, Jack was dissatisfied with his qualifying result.

“I managed to get the fifth-best time, which was good for the gate, but I know the lap could have been better. I knew I didn’t get a clear lap and I knew I could have been faster.”

Things improved for the Kawasaki rider during the warm-up session on Sunday, when he posted the fastest lap time in his class. That boosted his confidence and fired him up for the two races ahead. In the first, he made second position his own right from the start and defended this tenaciously up to the halfway point. Then, a couple of minor errors allowed the Slovenian rider Irt to sneak past. Jack’s focus was now on ensuring he at least finished third, but he was eventually overtaken by Baudrexl on the last lap. Far from down-hearted, Jack battled hard to win the position back. Riding parallel with the German over the last few metres, Jack just missed out in a photo finish.

“The first few laps were really good, but then I started to tense up and make some mistakes. The others started to catch me and, at about half-race distance, number 200 managed to get past. I was racing hard for the rest of the race and held third position. On the last lap I stayed tight on a corner, but somehow, number 19 came past. I still don’t know how he managed it! I tried my hardest to get him back, and we crossed the line wheel to wheel. I was a little disappointed that I lost third on the last lap but I was happy with fourth.”

After a slightly botched start in the second moto, Jack had to mount a cavalry charge from way back in 20th position. With a combination of pure riding talent and competitive willpower, he worked his way up the field into 14th position by the end of the first lap and, one lap later, he was already up amongst the Top Ten. After six more laps, he was up to fifth, but by then, the front-runners had already built up an unbridgeable gap. So during the second half of the race, Jack eased off slightly and concentrated on consolidating his fifth place.

The two results taken together were enough to see Jack take third place overall in the Sunday standings and to move up to sixth in the current ADAC MX Youngster Cup title race. In fact, he is just one point outside the Top Five.

“I didn’t find out I was third overall till after the race and was so happy. I knew after the disappointment in Reutlingen that I could race in the Top Five and was very satisfied with the result from this weekend. It was a great result for the whole team and also my family, as they all put in so much effort. To be on the podium was a great achievement and a memorable experience. The smile on Robert Sturm’s face said it all. I would just like to thank Robbie for fixing my race bike and the whole Sturm team for making me very welcome. I feel I have really settled into the team and that they do everything they can to help me.”

After a one-week break, Jack Brunell will resume his preparations for the fourth round of the ADAC MX Youngster Cup, which is due to be staged over the weekend of 11th – 12th July in Ried (Austria).

Event Results ADAC MX Youngster Cup – Aichwald 14/06/2009: 1. Jernej Irt (SLO), 44 pts.; 2. Dennis Baudrexl (GER), 40; 3. Jack Brunell (GBR), 34; 4. Dennis Ullrich (GER), 30; 5. Peter Tadic (SLO), 29; 6. Kasper Lynggaard (DEN), 27; 7. Lars Reuther (GER), 27; 8. Marvin Knörle (GER), 25; 9. Stefan K. Olsen (DEN), 22; 10. Michael Spacek (CZE), 20

Provisional Standings ADAC MX Youngster Cup after the 3rd event: 1. Jernej Irt (SLO), 116 pts.; 2. Dennis Baudrexl (GER), 110; 3. Kasper Lynggaard (DEN), 109; 4. Angus Heidecke (GER), 95; 5. Marvin Knörle (GER), 81; 6. Jack Brunell (GBR), 80; 7. Stefan K. Olsen (DEN), 73; 8. Dennis Ullrich (GER), 66; 9. Alexandr Tonkov (RUS), 50; 10. Peter Tadic (SLO), 44

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