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iFly Lanes Kawasaki ends MXY2 championship in third

iFly Lanes Kawasaki ends MXY2 championship in third

iFly Lanes Kawasaki made the long trip to Northern Ireland this past weekend for round six of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship, only to be faced with a very wet track on Sunday morning, much to everyone’s dismay. Team rider James Harrison had to miss this round due to injury.

Qualifying in the morning saw MX2 rider Lewis Trickett put in a time that placed him eighteenth, while Scott Elderfield in the MX1 class found himself in the top eleven after super-pole. For MXY2 rider Ben Putnam this was crunch time; he qualified in sixth, hoping this would give him a good jump for his attempt to earn back enough points for a championship win.

For Putnam, any hopes of winning the championship were shattered after the first race. Although he put in a very solid effort after a start in seventh and got within touching distance of championship leader Robert Davidson, it was just not enough. After ending sixth, he hoped to do better in the second race, but a crash in the first lap put paid to that. Working his way back from thirteenth, Putnam returned to the top ten with just seconds left on the clock, finishing the race in tenth and the day overall in seventh. Nonetheless, Putnam takes with him a third place in the MXY2 championship.

For Trickett, this round would prove to be a nightmare. Although the first race got off to an average start, Trickett soon found himself in sight of the top ten. Encountering stiff competition in the form of championship leader Elliott Banks-Browne, he was not able to progress further, defending his position against competition from the back of the pack instead.

The second and third races were bitter pills to swallow. Although the former looked to be a repeat of the first race, a crash put paid to his ambition for a top ten finish, instead spending the better part of a lap trying to get his bike started. A second crash two laps later dropped him to last position, from where here covered for a finish in twenty-fourth. The latter just went wrong from the start. A mid-pack start ended in another crash, which it took Trickett several minutes to restart from. Nonetheless he pushed hard throughout the race to end twenty-first for an eighteenth place overall on the day.

Elderfield finished his first race where he started, in fifth. Fourth after one lap, he made a small mistake a few laps later that cost him several positions, but he soon recovered those. In the second race, Elderfield put together another solid race in the top ten. Battling with Jamie Law for much of the second race, he had to eventually concede his eighth place to end ninth at the chequered flag. In the final race of the day, Elderfield again found himself in battle for eighth place, this time with Shane Carless. Switching positions back and forth for much of the twenty-five minute race ended with him in tenth place for an eighth place overall.

Graham Harrison – Team manager

“This has been a tough round for us this weekend. The rain certainly didn’t help earlier today. Ben wasn’t able to win the championship lead back today, because that was something he really wanted to do. He rode well but the first laps were crucial and it just didn’t happen for him. Lewis put in a great effort on what was not his usual race bike, but he had some issues getting the bike started whenever he crashed, without that he would’ve been in the top ten, which we know he is capable of. Scott rode well in the conditions, he battled with Law, Carless and Whatley, who are all strong contenders, so a top five is not too far off.”

Lewis Trickett – MX2 #214

“Today’s been another one to forget really. First race was good, got an average start, kept going and felt pretty good, was in fifteenth and got into a good groove and got myself into eleventh, which was really good and I was happy with that. The next two were just terrible. I had average starts, was running between tenth and fifteenth, and then crashed. Today the bike just didn’t want to fire up, spent two laps just kicking her over and there was no life in her, so ended two laps down. In the third race it was just a stupid little crash in a turn and she just didn’t want to fire up again, so day to forget, unfortunately.”

Ben Putnam – MXY2 #11

“Today didn’t go too well. Qualifying didn’t go too well because of the rain. In the first race I had a lot of pressure, thought I’d get a good start and do what I can, had a good start but for some reason just went backwards in the first lap, didn’t have the best of first couple of laps. I ended up sixth. In the second race had a good start, but just got worse as it went on really, and ended up ninth. Oh well, I’m looking forward to the Red Bull now.”

Scott Elderfield – MX1 #160

“Qualifying went really good today, and I ended up in super-pole which I haven’t really done this year, which surprised me, and I managed to get an eleventh so that was a good start to the day. The first race started off good, got a good start and kept pulling through before I had a crash mid-race which wasn’t too good. I picked it up and still managed to get a good position. In the second one I got a good start, worked hard and got a bit tired towards the end with the roughness out there and dropped back a couple of positions, ended up ninth. In the last one I didn’t get the best of starts, pulled through and on the last lap Carless passed me in the whoops where I made a big mistake, but overall it was a good weekend.”


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