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Howells that for a win?

Howells that for a win?

After so much rain during the week running up to Portsmouth Motocross Club’s two day event at Foxhill, there were concerns that the meeting wouldn’t happen but to everyone’s amazement on arrival Friday, the ground was as dry as a bone and the track was in perfect condition for two great days of racing.  An outstanding turnout of riders ensured there was going to be non-stop action all weekend at the infamous hilly track, and all riders were chomping at the bit to get going Saturday morning.

With two practice sessions for each group, the riders had the opportunity to have a good look at the track, and with the qualifying heats in the second session for the three adult groups out of the way, the racing began.

A good turnout of Auto riders took on the challenge of the daunting track with some great riding from all the youngsters.  Cain Marsh took the lead from start to finish in both motos to take the overall on Saturday with Olly Davidson hot on his heels, who ended the day in third.  Some super riding from Ben Tumber secured him second overall, and a big well done to all of these young riders for some super riding on a very tough track!

Sunday was Liam Brosnan’s  day for sure!  Stomping into the lead in both races and staying there with some very fast riding, securing the overall win.  Cain Marsh pushed hard but an off in the first moto on the final corner denied him keeping the runner up spot but he still secured third overall after finishing second in the second moto.   Another brilliant ride by Olly Davidson kept him just behind the leader and a second and third secured him second overall.

The deluge of rain halfway through block two halted proceedings for the rest of the day with everyone missing out on a final race, a disappointing end to such a great weekend.

On Saturday Junior rider Jaydon Murphy stomped round the track and took home the overall win with a third and second place, spectators seeing some outstanding riding from this young rider.  Archie Osmaston was a joy to watch and never letting Murphy out of his sights, he finished the day in second place.  Keenan Hird took the win in the first moto but crashed heavily in the second moto.  But not to be phased he stormed back to sixth place to take third overall.

On Sunday, second out to tackle the circuit again were the Juniors.  It was Keenan Hird who took the two wins with ease, storming around the track, a real talent who left the rest of the field way behind him and went home with a well deserved overall.  Drew Warren rode superbly, never letting the front runners out of sight and with two third places took the runner up spot.  Harry Wichman’s first moto didn’t go to plan but a great second place in the last moto ensured he placed high up the score board with a very respectable third placing.

The exhilarating speed from the Inter 85 front runners was breathtaking and a pleasure to watch.  Joe Jefferies was on top form, the unmistakable luminous helmet and white kit streaking around the track at a blistering pace, securing both wins on Saturday to take the overall.  Greg Hyett was hot on his heels following him home in both races to take second overall.  Henry Siddiqui was back to his best in both races, chasing the leading duo to secure two third places and third overall.  Sunday saw a repeat performance by all three riders, with Jefferies and Hyett grabbing a win each on the day, and with both riders adding a second place to their points tally they ended up tying on points to, but Jefferies took the overall after grabbing the second win with Hyett in third.  Josh Coleman was added into the equation for Sunday,  and got stuck straight into the battle for third.  Both Coleman and Siddiqui secured a third and fourth each with Coleman grabbing the higher place in the second moto to take home third overall.

The bigger wheeled 85s were next on the track, with a head-to-head battle for first between Fraser Viner and Ben Howell on Saturday, outstanding riding by both riders seeing each grab a win each, but Viners dominance in the last race rewarded him with the overall, with Howell taking second.  Liam Knight was a dominant figure at the front of the field chasing the leaders home to finish in third overall with two third spots.  Sunday saw the same riders battling it out at the front of the pack but Howell took over the lead in both motos to take the overall.  Knight moved into second overall a second and third rewarding his hard work on the track.  Viner still secured third overall after a disastrous crash on the last corner in the opening moto denying him a win.  But a second in the last rewarded him with third.

An awesome turnout of Senior riders filled the start straight, with Rob Muscat the clear winner of race one, but he left the next race to the remaining riders to battle it out and George Clarke took full advantage of Muscat’s early retirement to dominate the race and grab the win to secure the overall.  James Rutter’s amazing speed secured him second overall, powering it all the way home in both motos.  After a long spell out due to injury, it was great to see Olly Townsend back on the bike and he quickly found himself back at the front of the pack, chasing down the leaders.  A brilliant third in race two secured him third overall.  On Sunday the field was dominated by Glen Fletcher who had an unlucky day on Saturday, but came back fighting to secure both race wins and the overall.  After the unfortunate early retirement of Lloyd Pettett after a tumble in race two, Olly Townsend sped into second place to grab second overall.  George Clarke was still on a high from his win the day before, and after getting caught up in a disastrous pile up on the first lap in race one, he quickly moved into sixth place, but chased hard in race two to finish behind Townsend and secured third overall.

Saturday saw a great turn out of adults, and after being split into three groups for the qualifying heats,  they raced for supremacy and were placed into their respective groups for the two motos.  Not everyone found themselves in the right group due to mistakes out on the track.  Chris Noyce and Jamie Lynam found themselves in Group C, where they dominated the field, Noyce leaving the field behind him and romped home to an easy first overall.  Lynam managed a second place in the opening moto after missing the start completely.  Race two saw Lynam taking the lead and gained a fair gap from the rest but he didn’t have it all his own way as Noyce crept up the order and was soon on Lynam’s tail.  Noyce passed Lynam with style on the last lap along the whoops section and took the lead, leaving Lynam to take a respectable second overall.

On Saturday, Group B was completely annihilated by Wes Thomas who romped home in both races to take the overall, a nasty spill on Sunday though left the poor rider heading off to hospital to have his wrist wired up.  Darren Hansford and Matt Ward battled it out behind Thomas to grab second spot, with Hansford taking the honour with two seconds, and Ward finishing third overall.

There was no denying the winner of Group A.  Luke Blanchard made a welcome appearance to totally obliterate the class, leading from the off, and pulling out an incredible lead over the rest to secure the overall win.   Chris Wratten was hot in pursuit, securing two second places to grab second overall.  A three way battle pursued, but Danny Iles managed to sneak ahead of Hayden Wilkinson and Jake Hassell in the second moto to take third overall.

On Sunday, the Adults were split once again into three groups, with Group A consisting of Portsmouth AMX plus selected visiting riders.  Chris Wratten stormed straight into the lead in race one at jaw-dropping speed to take home the overall.  Jake Hassell enjoyed his first outing on the 450 and settled comfortably into second overall, dominant from the off at the front of the pack.  On borrowed machinery, Jackson “the new Bubba” Evans had a slow start finishing in sixth in race one.  But confidently moved into the lead in race two to secure third overall.

The VMX and AMX Novice class were next to the line.  Jon Waghorn powered into the lead in the final moto after the non-appearance of race one winner Kester Gibbons to secure the overall victory.  Tony Hale narrowly missed out on a race win and secured second overall with two second places.  The novice riders also got stuck right in at the front of the pack, with Carl Walbridge grabbing third overall in the combined class, creeping up on Hales tail in the final moto to finish in third.

The last group of the meeting to take to the start line were the remaining AMX, VMX and AMX Novice visitors, who quickly diminished in numbers in race two thanks to the heavy rain.  The brave souls who battled the slippery circuit benefitted from their perseverance, but the sticky conditions didn’t hinder Philip Doe as he led from start to finish in both motos to take the overall.  Luke Wyatt moved up from fourth to second in race two to grab second overall ahead of  Paul Goodright who stormed into third place in the last moto to claim third overall.

A brilliant weekend, and thanks must go to the Portsmouth Committee for organising a great meeting.  Well done to everyone who attended but commiserations to all those unfortunate riders who went home in the ambulance. We hope you are all back with us soon!

By Kay Turner
Portsmouth Motocross Club
Two Day Meeting – 28th/29th August 2010
Image courtesy of Photographic Memories



Autos: 1 Cain Marsh, 2 Ben Tumber, 3 Olly Davidson, 4 Liam Brosnan, 5 Todd Leadbitter, 6 Jamie Turner.

Juniors: 1 Jaydon Murphy, 2 Archie Osmaston, 3 Keenan Hird, 4 Liam Jones, 5 Rhys Pett, 6 Hannah Pickersgill.

Inter 85s: 1 Joe Jefferies, 2 Greg Hyett, 3 Henry Siddiqui, 4 Dylan Hodgkins, 5 Nathan Baggott, 6 Camlann MacDonald.

Inter Open: 1 Fraser Viner, 2 Ben Howell, 3 Liam Knight, 4 Oliver Osmaston, 5 Harry Sherman, 6 Luke Sturgeon.

Seniors: 1 George Clarke, 2 James Rutter, 3 Oliver Townsend, 4 Billy Hare, 5 Aaron O’Mahony, 6 David Roberts.

Adult A: 1 Luke Blanchard, 2 Chris Wratten, 3 Danny Iles, 4 Hayden Wilkinson, 5 Jake Hassell, 6 Darryl Maxwell.

Adult B: 1 Wes Thomas, 2 Darren Hansford, 3 Matt Ward, 4 Tony Hale, 5 James Benson, 6 Aaron Read.

Adult C: 1 Chris Noyce, 2 Jamie Lynam, 3 Charlie Hutton, 4 Lewis Lee, 5 Rose Wyatt, 6 Mark Greenbank.


Autos: 1 Liam Brosnan, 2 Olly Davidson, 3 Cain Marsh, 4 Ben Tumber, 5 Todd Leadbitter, 6 Reggie Gesner.

Juniors: 1 Keenan Hird, 2 Drew Warren, 3 Harry Wichman, 4 Archie Osmaston, 5 Harry Kimber, 6 Olivier Cook.

Inter 85s: 1 Joe Jefferies, 2 Greg Hyett, 3 Josh Coleman, 4 Henry Siddiqui, 5 Dylan Hodgkins, 6 Camlann MacDonald.

Inter Open: 1 Ben Howell, 2 Liam Knight, 3 Fraser Viner, 4 Oliver Osmaston, 5 Luke Sturgeon, 6 Connor Dennis.

Seniors: 1 Glen Fletcher, 2 James Rutter, 3 George Clarke, 4 Olly Townsend, 5 Chae Jenkinson, 6 David Roberts.

AMX: 1 Chris Wratten, 2 Jake Hassell, 3 Jackson “Bubba” Evans, 4 Warren Field, 5 Justin Robinson, 6 Darryl Maxwell.

VMX/AMX Novice: 1 Jon Waghorn, 2 Tony Hale, 3 Carl Walbridge, 4 Neil White, 5 Alan Turner, 6 Lewis Lee.

Adult C: 1 Philip Doe, 2 Luke Wyatt, 3 Paul Goodright, 4 Billy Lovegrove, 5 Dane Levett, 6 Simon White.


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