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Heas the Man

Heas the Man

Dark clouds loomed over the popular Cusses Gorse MX circuit at Winterbourne Gunner, near Salisbury recently as Portsmouth MX Club held the 11th round of their Summer Club Championship.  But the weather was kind and the rain held off until the closing stages of the final race.


A great turnout of riders battled it out on the demanding circuit as the AMX were the first to the start line.  A handful of riders all took the lead throughout the meeting, but it was to be Jamie Tempest who took over at the front of the pack and pulled a comfortable lead ahead of the rivals to win all three motos.  Even with a ten-second penalty, Will Paine still worked his way into second place in the opening moto, and remained at the front of the field in race two to finish in second and secured second overall.  Jono Parker-Davies made impressive starts to ensure he finished high up the leader board, leading the rest of the pack in the final race, finally finishing in second to finish in third overall on the day.

It was great to have Elliot Reeves back at the club after such a long absence and he showed everyone what they’ve been missing with some excellent riding that secured him three top six places, a fourth in the first his best result of the day that left him in fourth overall.  Aaron Bowden had a brilliant start to the day by finishing in third place, but a disastrous last race left him having to push his way through the field and denied him the chance of finishing higher up the leader board.  But a third, seventh and eleventh awarded him fifth overall.  Shaun Kerley remained consistent through the day, staying at the front of the pack, and battled hard to keep his positions, and finishing in seventh, sixth and seventh rewarded him with sixth overall.

The Seniors battled their way up the start straight with Jackson Evans the dominant figure out front, but bad luck in the form of a puncture and a couple of crashes pushed him down into second overall.  Oliver Rusby pushed Evans hard and his efforts paid off as he took over the lead in the first two races to secure the overall victory.  Rob Muscat kept hard on the gas to chase down the front two, and a brilliant second in the second moto secured him third overall.

Daniel Maxey was on course for a straight set of fourth places, but a mistimed slip up in the second dropped him down into fifth, but he was still on the gas for the meeting and settled into fourth overall.  An amazing show of style, speed and perfection set Chae Jenkinson up for an impressive fifth overall.  A brilliant fifth in the opening moto set him on his way to finish high up the leader board, and he pursued those in front to finish in seventh in his remaining motos.  Tommy Walker was on a mission throughout the meeting, taking back places as quickly as he lost them, and a brilliant sixth in the first ensured he amounted high points to keep him up the leader board.  He finally finished the day in sixth overall.

Liam Garland was the undisputable winner in the Inter Open class, leading from start to finish, with miles to spare in front of his rivals.  Not putting a wheel wrong, he secured all three race wins in superb style and claimed the overall victory.  A four-way scrap pursued for the runner-up spot, but George Clarke stamped his name on the place, even carrying an injury in the final race and with two thirds and a second finished in second overall.  Billy Hare should have finished in second, a disastrous second race letting him down, but his two comfortable second places secured him third overall.


Harry Hinson was hot on George Clarke’s heels, following him home in all three motos, a brilliant third in the second race his best result, and he ended the day in fourth overall.  George Burrows was straight to the front of the field from the off, and remained high up the leader board in race two, a great fourth rewarding him fifth overall.  Jamie Strange kept his cool, and rode positively and confidently to finish in sixth overall.  Not making any mistakes throughout the day, two impressive fifths helped him into sixth overall.

The Auto pilots were out next and Arthur Williams was completely undaunted by the challenge ahead of him, grabbing the second race win to secure the overall victory.  He battled hard to chase down Liam Jones and finished second in the other two motos.  Jones’s brilliant wins in races one and three ensured a great finish for him but slipping up in race two denied him the overall victory, and he ended the day in second overall.  Visitor Daniel Breen rode a sensible set of races, keeping his head to finish in third, fourth and fourth to secure third overall.

Jake Parker was guaranteed a high position thanks to his brilliant starts, his KTM always appearing at the first corner in the lead, and improving his positions throughout the day pushed him into third in the final race of the day and resulted in him being awarded fourth overall.  Jamie Griggs had the ride of his life in the second moto of the day, passing the chequered flag in an impressive second, and with his two other top six places, he finished in fifth overall.  George Stock remained consistent throughout the day, an outstanding third in the second moto helping him on his way to a high final position, and sixth overall was his just reward.

A brilliant turnout of Inter 85 riders provided an amazing battle at the front of the field between Josh Coleman and Oliver McMurray.  Coleman led the first until the closing laps and McMurray jumped straight into first place to secure the first race win.  Taking control of the race by lap two in the second saw McMurray lead the field but despite all his hard efforts was unable to secure all three wins, but still took home the overall victory.  Coleman led from start to finish in the final moto to grab a win for himself, and with two hard-fought second places he ended the day in second overall.  Levi Coombes sat comfortably in third overall, two perfectly executed third places in the opening motos ensured he finished well ahead of the rest of the pack.

Daniel Lawler returned to his club to prove he’s still got what it takes to be at the front, and three consistent and perfectly executed fifth places awarded him fourth overall.  Michael Denton didn’t have the best start to his day, getting stuck over the burm to finish in eleventh.  But he always redeems himself and proves what a great rider he is, and after leading the second race, he secured fifth overall with a fourth and an impressive third.  Bradley Rowe ended the day in sixth overall, a brilliant fourth in the opening race awarding him high points.

Callum Heasman was pure class in the Junior group, leading the way as soon as the gate dropped, and was the undeniable winner with three straight wins.  Harry Wichman battled hard behind the leader, and comfortably secured second overall with a third and two seconds.  Christopher Nuttall was once again dominant at the front of the field, a brilliant third in the second race and two further fifth places securing him third overall.

Toby Saunders didn’t have the best of starts to the day, but always impressive on the track, he redeemed himself and pushed his way into fourth for the remaining two races to end the day in fourth overall.  Charlie Cole finished in the top ten throughout the day, chasing the front runners, unlucky to snatch some higher placings but a sixth, fifth and eighth were enough to give him fifth overall.  Camlann MacDonald should have placed so much higher but trailing in near the back of the field in the second moto denied him a top three spot.  But an excellent third in the final moto pushed him into sixth overall.

The three-way battle at the front of the field provided some thrilling action in the VMX class, with Dave Lopez dominating the group.  Leading from start to finish, he secured all three wins to take home the overall victory.  Heiko Stranghoner and Alan Scott battled it out for second spot, Stranghoner just managing to keep hold of the position thanks to two second places.  Narrowly missing the start in the second due to nodding off, Alan Scott’s nap provided him with extra energy to push his way into second place, and added two thirds to secure third overall.

Neil Jenkinson was once again a powerhouse at the front of the field from the off, and hard, consistent riding ensured he remained a force to be reckoned with.  A fifth and two fourths awarded him fourth overall ahead of Graham Oakley.  Oakley followed Jenkinson home in all three motos, finishing in sixth, fifth and fifth to finish in fifth overall.  Blast-from-the-past Doug Carrier dusted off the Yamaha to add some extra excitement to the class, determined to beat those who boast every week that he’s past it!  A disappointing first race only inspired him to prove his worth on the track, and an impressive sixth in the second moto awarded him enough points to push his way into sixth overall.

Report by Kay Turner
Winterbourne Gunner
Portsmouth MX Club
Round 11 Summer Championship
Image courtesy of Karen Parker


VMX: 1 Dave Lopez, 2 Heiko Stranghoner, 3 Alan Scott, 4 Neil Jenkinson, 5 Graham Oakley, 6 Doug Carrier.

AMX: 1 Jamie Tempest, 2 Will Paine, 3 Jono Parker-Davies, 4 Elliot Reeves, 5 Aaron Bowden, 6 Shaun Kerley.

Seniors: 1 Oliver Rusby, 2 Jackson Evans, 3 Rob Muscat, 4 Daniel Maxey, 5 Chae Jenkinson, 6 Tommy Walker.

Inter Open: 1 Liam Garland, 2 George Clarke, 3 Billy Hare, 4 Harry Hinson, 5 George Burrows, 6 Jamie Strange.

Inter 85s: 1 Oliver McMurray, 2 Josh Coleman, 3 Levi Coombes, 4 Daniel Lawler, 5 Michael Denton, 6 Bradley Rowe.

Juniors: 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Harry Wichman, 3 Christopher Nuttall, 4 Toby Saunders, 5 Charlie Cole, 6 Camlann MacDonald.

Autos: 1 Arthur Williams, 2 Liam Jones, 3 Daniel Breen, 4 Jake Parker, 5 Jamie Griggs, 6 George Stock.

“Portsmouth Motocross Club are pleased to announce they will be holding a two-day meeting at the infamous Foxhill circuit, near Swindon, on 22nd and 23rd August 2009.  Saturday will be an open meeting with Sunday being the 12th round of the Club’s Summer Championship.

All groups will be available Auto through to Adult Open (2 x AMX groups + 1 x VMX group)

Day Licences will be available on the day at £15 per rider.

A marshal will be required by ALL riders sometime throughout the weekend. Please remember NO MARSHAL – NO RIDE!

Membership for the Club will be available on the day, and all membership will be HALF PRICE!

To book in for the meeting, please call the Race Secretary, Kay, on (01489) 571493, leaving your details: riders name, riding group and number, licence held and a CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER.  Look forward to seeing you all there!”


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