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GP of Europe offers little satisfaction

GP of Europe offers little satisfaction

GP of Europe offers little satisfaction

Faenza hosted the penultimate round of the world motocross championships. Lupino loses ground. A fine but unlucky Monticelli.

The GP of Europe, the penultimate race of the world motocross season was held in front of a home crowd in the shadow of Faenza’s “Monti Coralli” and turned out to be a wasted opportunity. Ivo Monticelli produced the best result for the Husqvarna Motocross Team by Ricci Racing in Saturday’s qualifying round , with nineteenth place after a slip caused him to drop from fifteenth place which he’d held for some time.

Alessandro Lupino was prematurely forced off into the pit lane due to a technical hitch that saw him return in thirty-first place. In spite of this uninspired qualifying, the riders showed up on their Husqvarna TC250R determined to get results.
On the first lap of the opening race, Monticelli and Lupino moved up to twentieth and twenty-first respectively, setting themselves up for a fight back. After some overtaking and a few mistakes, Lupino managed an eighteenth place finish, while Ivo Monticelli scored his best finish on a “Husky” coming in sixteenth.

The second race got underway amidst high expectations, but no sooner had it done so whenIvo Monticelli became the unlucky protagonist of a spectacular fall that required medical assistance from the track’s first aid.

After a hospital check-up, he was found to be without complications and the rider was given the all-clear to go home taking with him six stitches on the chin and lip.
Alessandro Lupino on the other hand, had a fairly lacklustre race, finishing sixteenth after a start in twentieth place.

Alessandro Lupino: “Today was one of those to forget in a hurry. I was really looking forward to this home GP but instead here I am talking about how I only picked up eight points in two races and dropped a place in the overall standings.

I wasn’t able to interpret the circuit the way I wanted and I can’t think why. I like the track but I was lacking the speed and the concentration to get a good result. “
The motocross world championship moves on to Teutschenthal, Germany where on Sunday 23rd September the last GP of the 2012 championship takes place.

Overall MX2 standings after 15 rounds: 1. Herlings (KTM) 672, 2. Searle (Kawasaki) 601, 3.Van Horebeek (KTM) 559, 4. Nicholls (KTM) 409; 5. Tixier (KTM) 401, 6.Roelants (Kawasaki) 367, 7 Anstie (Honda)323, 8. Ferrandis (Kawasaki) 272, 9. Butron (KTM) 272, 10. Coldenhoff (KTM) 251, 11. Lupino (Husqvarna) 249.


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