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GizMX Racing Team Race Report East Anglia SSC Round 10

GizMX Racing Team Race Report East Anglia SSC Round 10

GizMX Racing Team Race Report East Anglia SSC Round 10

Auto Race 1:
Round the first corner would see the boys split but all in the top ten, Jordan 4th, Carter 6th and Harvey 8th. Harvey would make some quick passes to be behind Jordan in 5th with Carter just behind him 6th. The boys would flow round together for a few laps all pushing each other looking to pass a team mate at any opportunity. At the half way mark Jordan makes a mistake on the rollers which gave Harvey just enough time to slip up the inside and take 4th. Jordan managed to correct himself just in time to hold off Carter. Harvey would then chase down the 3rd place rider only to lose him in lappers and cross the line 4th. Jordan and Carter had a sprint to the line but it would be Jordan who crosses in 5th and Carter 6th.

Auto Race 2:
Jordan holeshots this one and runs out front, Carter round the corner in 5th with Harvey 8th. Jordan leads and battles but come under attack almost straight away, he fought at every corner going back and forth but would get over taken and slip back slowly to 3rd. Harvey again riding well moves quickly up to 4th and catches Jordan. Carter in a first lap crash after hitting a bike from a down rider would remount and begin a charge of his own from the back of the pack. Harvey again trying to pass Jordan would be in the right place at the right time, Jordan makes a mistake in a corner and gets crossed rutted seeing Harvey again slip up the inside. Harvey didn’t stop there and went after 2rd which saw them in a drag race to the flag, Harvey would just lose out and finish 3rd. Jordan crosses the line 4th and Carter making some fast passes all race after his crash manages to work all the way 5th.

Auto Race 3:
Great start for the boys in this one seeing the 4th, 5th, 6th round the first corner Jordan in front followed by Harvey and Carter. The boys were pushing each other at every corner for pretty much the whole race in this one. At the half way point Harvey slid out on a corner allowing Carter to move forward, Harvey remounted and pushed to catch Carter and Jordan again. With a lap to go Harvey catches and passes Carter with the help of a lapper. Round the last corner Harvey could see Jordan a few bike length in front and went for it. They sprint to the line… Jordan taking 4th by milliseconds, Harvey 5th and Carter close behind in 6th.

Auto Results:
Harvey Isborne 4th
Jordan Gull 5th
Carter Howlett 6th

Junior Race 1:
Travis and Brandon both got off to a good start to see Travis 10th and Brandon 14th round the corner. Both locked into their own battles moving back and forth all race. On the last lap Travis dropped the bike but remounted to finish 13th and Brandon would cross the line 16th.

Junior Race 2:
Travis with a flying start in this one was 5th round the first corner only to lose the front end while bar banging in the second corner. Brandon was sitting around 13th round the corner and managed to miss his grounded team mate. Travis re-joined dead last and pushed as hard as he could to finish 15th, Brandon again had some great battles and some good riding would see him finish 14th.

Junior Race 3:
Last race of the day for the Juniors, round the first corner Travis and Brandon were around 13th-15th. Travis would move forward to 12th round the first few corners. Brandon made his own charge a lap later seeing him pass two riders and chase down his team mate. Travis and Brandon battled for a few laps until Brandon makes a small mistake which lost him some time and dropped him back a position. The boys crossed the line, Travis 12th and Brandon 14th.

Junior Results:
Travis Field 13th
Brandon Stock 15th

AMX Race 1:
Sean got a good jump out the gate but would collect a fallen rider in the first corner and crash. Sean picked the bike back up and got going again with only one rider left behind him but would charge hard and ride smooth passes riders at nearly every corner to work his way up to 3rd and would stay there to the flag.

AMX Race 2:
Sean with another nice jump out the start would this time make it clear round the first corner and pop out in 2nd. On the second lap a small mistake saw Sean drop to 3rd, at the half way point the front runners were already having to deal with back markers and Sean would drop to 4th after pick the wrong line and getting slowed by a lapper. Sean put in some good last laps trying everything to regain 3rd but would just miss out and finish 4th.

AMX Race 3:
Sean doing well with starts today, again up the front round the corner this time about 4th. Sean rode a good pass all race battling to get 3rd and would make the pass and keep it to the line.

AMX Results:
Sean Bardwell 4th


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