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GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 9th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 9th Round

GizMX Racing Team Race Report EASSC 9th Round

Auto Race 1:
Jordan got off to a good start seeing him up the front of the pack while Harvey and Carter were around twelve to fifteenth. Carter not having much luck lost his seat on the first lap so had to pull over and wait for it to be put back on while losing places, he then rejoined and started making positions only to have his chain snap a few laps later. Harvey made a great charge which would see him move up to first place by the third lap and leave the second, third and fourth place only to have his spark plug cap jump off on the last lap. Jordan rode well keeping with the front pack to finish 3rd, Harvey would get bike going again to come home 13th and Carter would push his bike across the line for 23rd.

Auto Race 2:
Jordan again with a great start and good passes in the first few corners would see him out front leading. Carter also with a good start was riding well. Harvey was hit by another rider coming out the gate causing him to fall into the path of a rider and being run over. Harvey was down and being seen to by paramedics for some time. Due to a lot of crashes around the track the race was red flagged.

Auto Race 2 Restart:
Harvey still a bit battered from being run over would line up for the restart. All three boys got a good start seeing them side by side out the gate and towards the first corner. Jordan would pretty much replicate the flagged race and move to the front swiftly, Harvey again on a charge would move forward with Carter following suit. The race was cut short seeing the riders only do 2 laps. Jordan would hold his position to come home 1st, Harvey gutted with the short race finished 4th and Carter with more bad luck but a great ride would come home 6th with a rear puncture.

Auto Race 3:
Jordan and Carter got off to good starts, Harvey getting blocked out down the start straight would settle in the pack about tenth round the first corner. Jordan crashed a few corners later and having problems getting the bike going again would rejoin dead last and half a lap down. Jordan would push hard and ride fast all the way to the flag to finish 8th. Harvey would waste no time in catching the front pack and running a good pace crosses the line 3rd. Carter had a good race with some nice passes and he rides to a 7th place finish just a few feet in front of team mate Jordan.

Auto Results:
Jordan Gull 2nd
Harvey Isborne 6th
Carter Howlett 13th

Junior Race 1:
Travis got off to a good start seeing him seventh into and out of the first corner. Although under pressure all race, Travis would hold his concentration and only lose one position to finish 8th.

Junior Race 2:
Another good start would see Travis sixth round the first turn in this race. Travis was going really well until a crash jams his front brake lever through his hand guard, unable to free the brake Travis would finish the race with no front brake and cross the line in 9th.

Junior Race 3:
This time Travis had a not so great start seeing him near the back of the pack out the first corner. Travis put his head down and did what he had to do, making some good passes early in the race helped with points towards his overall for the day. Travis pushed all the way to the flag to finish 9th.

Junior Results:
Travis Field 9th

AMX Race 1:
Sean started the day well coming round the first turn in third. Halfway round the first lap Sean hit a rider in front causing him to drop the bike and lose some positions. Sean would re-join tenth but with a great ride and some smooth passes Sean works his way up to a 3rd place finish.

AMX Race 2:
Again with a great start this time seeing Sean second round the first corner. Sean would battle the whole race in this one. Dropping down to forth then back to third, constantly under pressure from other riders but he would keep it together to cross the line 3rd.

AMX Race 3:
Sean entered the first corner fifth but quickly moved up to forth. Sean was pushing at every corner trying to take third but Paul Kilsby was on it today and not giving an inch. This time Sean was just held off to the flag and would finish 4th.

AMX Results:
Sean Bardwell 4th


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