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Final round report of EASSC Summer Series from Wakes Colne

Final round report of EASSC Summer Series from Wakes Colne

Final round report of EASSC Summer Series from Wakes Colne

Eassc were at Little Loveney Hall better known to most as Wakes Colne for their last round of the Summer Championship. We would like to thank Halstead Club for allowing us to use this track this year as it is a very popular track with the riders. Heavy rain throughout Friday night meant that there was a lot of work Saturday to be done to get the track ready for racing the next day. We would like to thank members of both committees, their children and club members who worked tirelessly, knee deep sometimes in the mud ( we have the photos to prove it!) to make it possible to race on Sunday. A special thank you to McCawley Fisher who worked all day Saturday digging and then clearing up after racing on Sunday. Luckily the weather remained dry overnight and although the track was very wet in places it was decided racing would take place.

Due to the track conditions the Clerk made the decision to send out the Seniors and Adult groups to practice and then have their first race, holding off with the smaller groups allowing the track to dry out a bit more. But having watched a lot of the bigger boys struggling, the course was shortened for the smaller bikes in the end.

First out was the Senior group, and although it was never going to be easy being the first group onto the track they all rode brilliantly. Out of club rider Patrick O’Neil obviously loved the mud and took the overall win on the day from Ryan Fellow with Tallon Marshall taking third place. John Waghorne had taken the first race with maximum points but had a disastrous second race which meant he had to settle for fourth, Jordan Pasquale and Harry Mills finishing up just behind.

The Open group with thirty eight riders was always going to be interesting the top spots were hotly contested throughout the day between Brendon Mayers, Bradley Howlett and Nathan Braithwaite. Bradley taking the first race. The second and third races going to Brendon. Nathan having two seconds meant he ended up settling for third place overall with Brendon taking the top spot and Bradley second. Joe Anderson, Charlie Heatley and Dean Birkumshaw taking the lower places. Within the race is also the veterans class this was won by Chris Keeble with Adrian Coppen taking second Bob Kavaugh third, Rob Hands fourth and Paul Barrand fifth.

The results of the Amx group turned out a little like their bigger companions. It was Ashley Watt, Adam Mayo and Sam Mitchell trading places each race this time. Ashley coming out with the top, podium place Adam second and Sam third. Paul Kilsby who rode well just losing out to take fourth. Sean Bardwell and Lewis Rogers taking fifth and sixth places.

Within the Big wheel group there was some superb racing, Connor Hughes absolutely flew over the shortened course, with Shane Locke, Tommie Schofield, Albie Wilkie who had just upgraded to this class and Eathan Winchester all in hot pursuit. Connor had a big fall in the second race going over the handlebars, which allowed Albie to catch up, luckily Connor had had enough of a lead to prevent him from being over taken. But it was a very close finish between the two. Connor took Maximum points overall leaving the others to mop up for the lower ones. Shane Locke ended up on top of this pile with Tommie having to settle for third, Albie fourth and Eathan fifth and in sixth place with a brilliant fourth place in race three was Myles Saunders.

Small wheels saw Dlyan Woodcock streak ahead and never look back in all three races to take an easy overall on the day. Tommy Clarke, Ryan Allison and Carl Budge were the ones fighting it out between themselves for the other top podium places. Although Tommie had a slip up in the second race he still managed to earn enough points to put him ahead of Ryan who took third and Carl who was fourth.. James Crissell took fifth and a determined ride in the second race from Freddie flowers saw him home in sixth. Well done Freddie as it is only his second race this season.

With a couple of the Junior riders deciding the track was not for them, the rest went out to do battle. Apart from a mistake in the last race which gave Reagon Brooks the win, Gary Ashley maintained his impeccable record this season and took the overall leaving Reagon to slot into second. Drew Anderson took third, Jason Edwards fourth, Tyler Birkumshaw and Harvey Russell took fifth and sixth respectfully.

Last out were the Autos and it was with some trepidation that their parent took them to the line.
But as normal the little ones coped admirably with the conditions even putting their bigger compatriots to shame. Proving that even they can provide us with exciting racing. Jordan Gull on his last race meeting in Autos before he moves up to 65s went out with a bang. He took all three top places in each race to win his first overall of the season with the club. Congratulations to him. Harvey Cashmore rode his heart out just losing out to Jordan for second place Carter Howlett took third, Harvey Isborne fourth with Bradley French fifth and Harrison Forde sixth. All the riders deserve a round of applause for their determination yesterday, well done to everyone.

We would like to thank S J R racing Ltd for sponsoring the race meeting yesterday especially as their rider Sammy Ruck broke both his tibia and fibula racing last weekend. Hopefully you’ll be back on your bike for the winter series Sammy.

That concludes the Summer Championship for this year, although we have our Open meeting at Mildenhall on the 28th October and a three round winter series beginning on the 25th November at Mildenhall. More details on our website. We’d like to finish by thanking everyone who has been involved in this year’s racing without all your input these meeting would not be possible.

1. Jordan Jull Senior
2. Harvey Cashmore 1. Patrick O’Neil
3. Carter Howlett 2. Ryan Fellows
4. Harvey Isborne 3. Tallon Marshall
5. Bradley French 4. John Waghorne
6. Harrison Forde 5. Jordan pasquale
6. Harry Mills
Junior 65
1. Gary Ashley AMX
2. Reagon Brooks 1. Ashley Watt
3. Drew Anderson 2. Adam mayo
4. Jason Edwards 3. Sam Mitchell
5. Tyler Birkumshaw 4. Paul Kilsby
6. Harvey Russell 5. Sean Bardwell
6. Lewis Rogers
SW 85
1. Dylan Woodcock Open
2. Tommy Clarke 1. Brendon Mayers
3. ryan Allison 2. Bradley Howlett
4. Carl Budge 3. Nathan Braithwaite
5. James Crissell 4. Joe Anderson
6. Freddie Flowers 5. Charlie Heatley
6. Dean Birkumshaw
BW 85
1.Connor Hughes
2. Shane Locke
3. Tommie Schofield
4. Albie Wilkie
5. Eathan Winchester
6. Myles Saunders


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