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Elderfield finishes 4th as Herlings takes home victory

Elderfield finishes 4th as Herlings takes home victory

KTM riders were dominating at 6th event for the EMX2 European Championship. Home rider Jeffrey Herlings won, Harri Kullas (Finland) was second and Jeremy Delince (Belgium) third.

Spectators had a lot to see. The biggest thing was of course first place of their rider Jeffrey Herlings, It was not an easy weekend for young rider from the KTM JM Racing Team. Everybody was expecting him on the top but there was a long way to the victory. His first start was fast and he started to ride his own race. His biggest rival Christophe Charlier (Yamaha, France) crashed in the first lap and fell on the last position. Spectators were enthusiastic about Herlings but Charlier was recovering fast. He finished sixt. At the end of the race Charlier was disqualified because of the outside assistance and as he did not get any points, Herlings reduced his advantage for 25 points. Second was Harri Kullas and third was Swedish rider Filip Thuresson (Suzuki), riding for the German team Bodo Schmidt.

Because of the Charlier ‘ s mistake in the first race, second was even more interesting. He wanted to prove his quality on the sandy track and he made it. The whole second race was tight. Charlier and Herlings were riding wheel to wheel. Their difference on the finish line was only 0.044 second. Charlier was the winner, Herlings finished second. Third was Austrian rider Matthias Walkner (KTM). Harri Kullas who made a great result in the first race finished sixth.

Jeffrey Herlings became the overall winner. He has already been riding in Markelo many times and he always won. Harri Kullas took the second place. This is the successful come back for the Finnish rider after the injury. At the last edition of the Red Bull Motocross of Nation he won the Ricky Carmichael Motocross of Nation Award Youngest Rider, as he was the youngest and best placed rider. Third was Jeremy Delince from Belgium. This was his first EMX2 podium. In the EMX2 Championsip Classification Christophe Charlier is leading nine points in front of Jeffrey Herlings, third is Klemen Gercar (Yamaha, Slovenia).

Next event for the UEM EMX2 European Campionship will be on July 5 in Faenza, Italy.


1st – JEFFREY HERLINGS (NETHERLANDS): »The weekend went quite well for me. Yesterday I was faster than Charlier. Today he was faster as in the Qualifying Practice. I am sorry that he was disqualified because I want to win through the race. In the second race I made a mistake and Charlier passed me. We were riding close. I am happy to take the overall victory.«

2nd – HARRI KULLAS (FINLAND): »Last year I crashed here in Markelo and I got an injury. This was only my third race this year because I was operated. I took two good starts and I am satisfied with the event. I like the track, it is similar to tracks in Finland. I prefer hard and sandy tracks. I think suspensions were very important because the track was bumpy.«

3rd – JEREMY DELINCE (BELGIUM): »It was difficult to adapt on this track. I am glad to have a weekend like that, I finished on podium. I was riding here for the first time. There were many holes on the trac. We tried to make the best settings for this track and I think we found it.


First Race Top 10: 1. Jeffrey Herlings, KTM (Netherlands), 2. Harri Kullas, KTM (Finland), 3. Filip Thuresson, Suzuki (Sweden), 4. Herjan Brakke, Honda (Netherlands), 5. Scott Eldefield, Honda (Great Britain), 6. Jeremy Delince, KTM (Belgium), 7. Glenn Coldenhoff, Suzuki (Netherlands), 8. Mike Kras, Kawasaki (Netherlands), 9. Axel Alletru, KTM (France), 10. Gunter Schmidinger, Honda (Austria)

Second Race Top 10: 1. Christope Charlier, Yamaha (France), 2. Jeffrey Herlings, KTM (Netherlands), 3. Matthias Walkner, KTM (Austria), 4. Jeremy Delince, KTM (Belgium), 5. Mike Kras, Kawasaki (Netherlands), 6. Harri Kullas, KTM (Finland), 7. Scott Eldefield, Honda (Great Britain), 8. Stefan K. Olsen, Suzuki (Denmark), 9. Rasmus Jorgensen, Suzuki (Denmark), 10. Herjan Brakke, Honda (Denmark)

Overall: 1. Jeffrey Herlings, KTM (Netherlands), 2. Harri Kullas, KTM (Finland), 3. Jeremy Delince, Belgium (KTM ), 4. Scott Eldefield, Honda (Great Britain), 5. Mike Kras, Kawasaki (Netherlands), 6. Herjan Brakke, Honda (Netherlands), 7. Christophe Charlier, Yamaha (France), 8. Matthias Walkner, KTM (Austria), 9. Stefan K. Olsen, Suzuki (Denmark), 10. Filip Thuresson, Suzuki (Sweden)


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