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East Kent SSC Report - Bliss’s Dedication

East Kent SSC Report - Bliss’s Dedication

East Kent SSC Report - Bliss’s Dedication

EKSSC had the opportunity to run the penultimate Rd of their summer championship at a new race venue; courtesy of the landowner and Craig of Dep Pipes. Park gate MX near Hollingbourne was to cause some interest and excitement with the riders, with the numbers looking pretty impressive.

Out first were the little guys, as the Autos took their places on the start gate. Raife Broadley achieved his goal by going all out for his first overall win; after taking all three blocks. What determination the little guy has shown all season and if ever a win was surely deserved it was this one after battling hard with Jake Swann and Alfie Card, who were both consistent throughout with their second and third positions for their overall results.

Not once did Billy Carter give up on the chase in the Junior group as he put in a splendid performance against the front runners to take a 3-2 in blocks two and three as he tried to make a move on the top spots, resulting in a third overall finish. All guns were blazing between Ike Carter and Ashley Surridge once again as they applied some serious power through the twist and turns of the track, at a breath taking pace. It looked as if it was going to be anyone’s race between the two lads as they swapped about. But Carter finally took the overall moto with Surridge in second overall.

The front runners in the SWs looked pretty quick to say the least, as they made easy work of the track. Lap after lap they came round with Ethan Winchester, Tom Lockhart and Tom Borrett not letting up one bit; as they all wanted that all important win. Winchester’s 1-1-2 just got the better of Lockhart’s 2-2-1 putting Lockhart bang in the middle in second with Borrett taking overall third.
Mitchell Lewis was back in the BWs and looked as if he had never been away. But the only mystery was that he was riding under the number of 105. Albie Wilkie had upgraded into the group and by the way he was riding you would’ve thought he had been in the group for years; as he took the win in the first block. Lewis pulled the other two wins back to secure the overall moto with Wilkie taking a fantastic second overall. Third overall was still up for grabs and Nathan Turner-Whittle made sure he secured the remaining position as he kept the remaining front runners at bay.

You could feel the goose bumps starting to appear as the Senior group hit the dirt. Ben Franklin was straight on the chase for the podium finish and was amazing to watch as he extended his lead. Connor Dennis, Patrick O’Neal and Dan Guy wanted a slice of the action too and consistently tried to chase Franklin down. Both Dennis and O’Neal scored across the board in second and third to give them the remaining overall finishes.

There was one rider in particular in the Open group who showed dedication and passion for the sport he loves. Steve Bliss was the guy in question after he suffered bike problems with his exhaust in the first race. And after coming off the finish line he made a quick dash to Dartford to his company garage to pick up a new exhaust then dash back to the race venue as well as fitting the part all in time (and yes he did make it back in time) for the start of the second race. Now that’s what you call dedication!! But on a more serious note Tony Cuddy just keeps reeling them in as he took a further overall podium finish. Second and third place belonged to Paul Burr and Oliver Weeks who both put in an outstanding effort to try and catch Cuddy’s tail.

The last show down of the day was happening in the Amx group between Piers Skinner, Rowan Hill, John Eaton and the rest of the front pack. Hill took the early lead until Skinner quickly moved into the top spot and took a glorious overall win, with Hill having to be content with second. Eaton and Adam Cooper were up and down in the top six like yo-yos in the three blocks; with Eaton’s 3-6-3 giving him the advantage over Coopers 5-3-4 for the third place position as Cooper claimed the fourth overall after the long thought battle, which was well deserved.

Auto – 1 Raife Broadley, 2 Jake Swann, 3 Alfie Card, 4 Harvey Fagg, 5 Tom Ovenden, 6 Rueben Baily
Junior – 1 Ike Carter, 2 Ashley Surridge, 3 Billy Carter, 4 Jake Sinden, 5 Harry Preston, 6 Luke Williamson
SW – 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Tom Lockhart, 3 Tom Borrett, 4 Michael Eggett, 5 Kyle MacGregor, 6 Sam Ongley
BW – 1 Mitchell Lewis, 2 Albie Wilkie, 3 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 4 Tyler Keily, 5 Jak Baldwin, 6 Aaron Ongley
Senior – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Connor Dennis, 3 Patrick O’Neil, 4 Dan Guy, 5 Joe Borrett, 6 Callum Heasman
Open – 1Tony Cuddy, 2 Paul Burr, 3 Oliver Weeks, 4 Ryan Matthews, 5 Luke Lewis, 6 Darren Hansford
Amx – 1 Piers Skinner, 2 Rowan Hill, 3 John Eaton, 4 Adam Cooper, 5 Brian Carter, 6 Harry Ring


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