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East Kent 2 day meeting at Staplehurst, 5th & 6th July 2008

East Kent 2 day meeting at Staplehurst, 5th & 6th July 2008

An immaculately prepared track greeted riders and spectators at Staplehurst for East Kent’s 2-day trophy meeting. On Saturday, the dust rose as the forecast rain never appeared but Sunday more than made up for it! There were to be some hard-fought battles with different winners in some groups, whereas other groups had the same winner almost all weekend – but the mud on Sunday made for some “interesting” riding and the mud riders had their turn in the limelight.

Lewis Dowsett was unstoppable in the Big Wheels and had a very successful weekend, only losing the last race to Jordan Divall, but he didn’t seem bothered! Tom Crittenden rode well all weekend both in the dust and the mud to secure 3rd spot on the podium behind Jordan.

The Small Wheels saw another rider dominate the top spot, with Jack Eldridge riding like a man possessed all weekend. But once again, victory in the final race eluded him and he watched Jonathan Brighton take his first chequered flag at East Kent. Jonathan took the overall second place, with Angus Frost getting a well-deserved third.

Patrick O’Neill took the chequered flag in all of the Junior races, riding in a class of his own. The rest of the pack did their best but just couldn’t hunt him down. Jake Deacon settled for 2nd overall and Aaron Ongley completed the top three line-up.

The Autos were also dominated by 1 rider – Albie Wilkie taking the honours in all but the mud race. Eton Williams took the chequered flag in his first win at East Kent and came third overall. Jake Kemp took the second step on the podium. Well done to all the Auto riders who attempted that last race in the torrential rain and very wet track!

The AMX was explosive! Different winners, different front runners and some very, very fast riding gave the spectators some thrilling racing to watch! On Saturday, Paul (Wildman) Willis won 2 races and Lewis Waugh came in first for the other. On Sunday, Matt Hornby took the honours twice and Wildman once, giving Paul the overall win, with Matt second and Lewis third.

The Seniors was the other group to have different winners and different challengers. Bike troubles were also prevalent in this group causing some point losses. Arron Jenner won 3 out of the six races in a convincing manner and Karl Johnson won two of them, battling with Jack Hasemore in a very exciting race on Sunday. Unfortunately bike problems had meant Karl lost places on Saturday. Dave Taylor won the second race on Saturday but had to retire due to an old injury playing up. Arron got the overall first, with consistently high places giving Piers Skinner and Jack Hasemore second and third respectively.

Thanks must be given to Nigel Harkness, Paul Divall, Tony Skinner and Adam Hawkins for their fantastic work in preparing the track. It was an absolutely brilliant job! Thanks also to the committee and the marshals, many of whom marshalled twice over the weekend with no complaints. Our thanks as always to the medics and the landowner.

See you on the 27th at Lamberhurst for the next Summer Championship round.


1 Paul Willis, 2 Matt Hornby, 3 Louis Waugh, 4 Brian Carter, 5 Dave Capper,

6 Nick Lynds


1 Arron Jenner, 2 Piers Skinner, 3 Jack Hasemore, 4 Shaun Springer, 5 Adam Cooper, 6 Craig Bliss

Big Wheel 85s

1 Lewis Dowsett, 2 Jordan Divall, 3 Tom Crittenden, 4 Toby Harkness, 5 John Eaton, 6 Lewis Gardener

Small Wheel 85s

1 Jack Eldridge, 2 Jonathan Brighton, 3 Angus Frost, 4 Oliver Clark, 5 Jimmy Moore, 6 Mason Benyon


1 Patrick O`Neill, 2 Jake Deacon, 3 Aaron Ongley, 4 Charlie Early, 5 Mitchell Lewis, 6 Tom Lockhart


1 Albie Wilkie, 2 Jake Kemp, 3 Eton Williams, 4 Lewis Cloud, 5 Tommy-Lee Judd,

6 Ashley Surridge

Report and photo from Ann Cooper


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