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Dunn business for James at O2 Supercross

Dunn business for James at O2 Supercross

The London O2 Arena was the venue for round 2 of the British Supercross Championship. This years track was prepped near perfect, with whoops triples and rhythm sections throughout the track. This years soil was really tacky and which set it out to be a real good nights racing for the youth riders.

In the auto class Callum Beeken dominated the final, he was riding really well and looked hard to be beaten throughout the day. Behind him in 2nd place come Finley Beard not making it easy for Callum to take the win as he kept pushing throughout the race, Cain Marsh had a brilliant race taking 3rd position as he battled his way through the pack to get there.

In the 65’s final, Dylan Woodcock holeshot and stayed consistently strong as the race went on, Josh Greedy closely followed in 2nd with Harry Kimber on his tail. Dylan managed to pull a big gap from 2nd place to take a dominant 1st place. Harry Kimber managed to get past Josh Greedy to take 2nd position with Josh closely behind in 3rd.

The 85 small wheel final was exciting, as Gradie Featherstone was yet again the boy to chase. Gradie won the final and looked very comfortable throughout the night as he was the only small wheel to be jumping the finish line triple, but it Gradie come short of the triple with two laps to go which left him bad pains in his hand but he still managed to finish the race and win. Second place went to Mitchell Lewis who was closely chased by Connor Hughes throughout the race as Connor took 3rd.

The Supermini final was stacked with excitement as Ben Watson took the win, but had the challenging Max Acres behind him pushing him all the way to the finish line to take 2nd. Mitchell Lewis was riding a smart race chasing Chubbie Hammond, with two laps to go Chubbie took a fall on the triple which squashed his front forks flat causing him to be able to only cruise round allowing Mitchell to pass him and take 3rd position.

The youth Lites final was exciting to watch, James Dunn made an early pass from Luke Norris. Dunn and Norris pulled away from the rest of the pack as Luke kept that gap close between him and James throughout the race. Dunn managed to take the win with Norris coming 2nd and Harry Snow rode a brilliant race in his first Supercross event taking 3rd position.


AUTO’S – 1st Callum Beeken, 2nd Finley Beard, 3rd Cain Marsh, 4th Lee Percy and 5th Daniel Breen.

65’s – 1st Dylan Woodcock, 2nd Harry Kimber, 3rd Josh Greedy, 4th Tom Grimshaw and 5th Connor Ellis.

85 SW – 1st Gradie Featherstone, 2nd Mitchell Lewis, 3rd Connor Hughes, 4th Taylor Hammal and 5th Matt Lomas.

Supermini 85 – 1st Ben Watson, 2nd Max Acres, 3rd Mitchell Lewis, 4th Chubbie Hammond and 5th Ethan Winchester.
Youth lites – 1st James Dunn, 2nd Luke Norris, 3rd Harry Snow, 4th Ryan Williams and 5th Dan Thornhill


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