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Dorset Classic "Clash of the Titans" Report

Dorset Classic "Clash of the Titans" Report

Dorset Classic

All good things come to an end, and on Sunday they certainly did when the Dorset Classic Scramble clubs final meeting of 2012 was held at Castle Cary, Somerset. The Clash of the Titans meeting attracted a large entry as normal, but unfortunately the great British weather nailed yet another meeting as the plug was pulled after 1 block of racing due to persistent rain .

A fast and flowing hillside track with excellent spectator viewing awaiting competitors and first out, in usual Dorset style were the Workers race. On this occasion it was Nigel Martin who regained his crown, getting the better of last time winner Marcus Clare.

The Twinshock A races are repeatedly full of action, and despite the constant rain spectators lined the ropes to watch the drama unfold. Kristian Marshalll lept off the line, broad sliding his Maico ahead of Tim Dallaway who is usually found in the Classic races. The leading duo certainly thrilled the crowd with their unique style and began to pull away from the chasing pack to begin a fierce battle for the lead. Dallaway soon found a way past the ever determined Marshall, Bryan Withers took third over Dorset regular Matt Fry having his best result of the year – clearly enjoying the wet conditions.

Local rider Richard Drescher took the honours in the only Twinshock B race, showing Alistair George and Ian Marks how to do it. In the C event Mark Stamp came away with a race win over Roy Richards and Keith Wadham, Whilst the D overall went to Keith Taylor from David Shepherd and Kerry Dunn.

Andy White rode his BSA to the front of the Pre 65 up to 350cc race keeping Luke Hickie and Neil Hammersley at bay. Ady Matthews is always a favourite in the Pre 74 up to 250cc races and this time he took the honours over Andrew Bunting and Robert Fish. Tim Dallaway was certainly at home in the Pre 65 over 350cc races, winning with style over a determined David Bell, the pair always providing some great sporting action. Kristian Marshall swapped his Maico for Bultaco power in the Pre 74 over 250cc race, hanging it all out on the corners and thrilling the crowd over Matthews on his CZ.

All eyes were on the line up for the epic fourstroke only “Clash of the Titans” race. Lining up were previous winners Richard Stiby (Twinshock) and Dallaway in the classic’s. Dallaway wasted no time in stamping his authority by leaping off the line and straight to the front as Withers filled second over Brad Perrett, Fry and Stiby. Withers slid off his CCM as Fry caught and passed Perrett, but there was no one that could stop Dallaway – putting on a great show and bagging the Norman Ley trophy for the second year running. A mega performance from Fry in second and first twinshock him meant he got his hands on the Roscoe Shepherd trophy. Perrett rode his Triumph to third over Stiby, Bell and Ed Spear.


Workers Race 1. Nigel Martin (Sportac) 2. Marcus Clare (Maico) 3. Marcus Feltham (Honda) 4. Mike Popperwell (Husqvarna) 5. Ian Baldock (Honda) 6. Ged Shorten (Yahavarna)

Twinshock A Overall (Results from Race 1 only) 1. Tim Dallaway (BSA) 2. Kristian Marshall (Maico) 3. Bryan Withers (CCM) 4. Matt Fry (Honda) 5. Martin Coleman (Husqvarna) 6. Richard Stiby (Armstrong)

Twinshock B Overall 1. Richard Drescher (Maico) 2. Alistair George (Maico) 3. Ian Marks (Husqvarna) 4. Lee Shearing (Yamaha) 5. Steve Louth (Maico) 6. David Ponting (Maico)

Twinshock C Overall 1. Mark Stamp 2. Roy Richards (Maico) 3. Keith Wadham (Husqvarna) 4. Shane Sargood (Maico) 5. Mark Lapham (Honda) 6. Kelvin Day (Honda)

Twinshock D Overall 1. Keith Taylor (Husqvarna) 2. David Shepherd (Maico) 3. Kerry Dunn (XT)

125 Overall 1. Barry Mayne (Suzuki) 2. Steve Dawkins (Suzuki)

Pre 65 up to 350cc 1. Andy White (BSA) 2. Luke Hickie (BSA) 3. Neil Hammersley (BSA) 4. Bryan Smith (BSA) 5. Andy Sollars (BSA) 6. David Hoskins (Velosk)

Pre 74 up to 250cc 1. Ady Matthews (CZ) 2. Andrew Bunting (CZ) 3. Robert Fish (AJS) 4. Mike Hill (AJS)

Pre 65 over 350cc 1. Tim Dallaway (Metisse) 2. David Bell (Metisse) 3. John Lippy Bateup (Tribsa) 4. Bryan Smith (BSA) 5. William Bateup (Tribsa)

Pre 74 over 250cc 1. Kristian Marshall (Bultaco) 2. Matthews 3. Nick Marsh 4. Philip Nicholls (AJS) 5. Robert Atkins (CZ)

Clash of the Titans Race 1. Dallaway 2. Fry 3. Brad Perrett (MDS Triumph) 4. Stiby 5. Bell 6. Ed Spear (Honda)

Winner of Norman Ley Trophy for 1st Classic – Tim Dallaway
Winner of Roscoe Shepherd Trophy for 1st Twinshock – Matt Fry


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