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Dan Thornhill misses podium in Holland

Dan Thornhill misses podium in Holland

Dan Thornhill misses podium in Holland

Thursday evening we left home to make the 475 mile journey to take part in the Redbull European Meeting at Mill, in the Netherlands.

We arrived at the track Friday morning; to an awesome setup a beach surrounding an enormous lake and the track right next to the lake.

First out Saturday morning, qualifying was not the easiest for me with only 15 minutes to get used to the track and to try and find my feet in the soft sand, after being in hard pack for so long. I qualified 11th, which still gave me a good gate choice on the start.

Moto 1, was good with a top 3 start, I rode well and hard to finish in 3rd place, which I was really happy with.

With a similar start in Moto 2, I again rode a solid race, to finish one place higher than Moto 1 and secure 2nd place at the flag.

Sunday morning was already here, and a long 15 minute practise helped me loosen up for the last two Motos of the weekend.

Moto 3 kicked off with another good start within the top 5 and running there for most of the race, but mechanical trouble struck me and I was unable to finish the Moto.

The last and 4th Moto of the weekend, the track was super rough, grabbing another good start in the top 5 again. I hit the rear brake too hard off a jump on lap one, and stalled the bike coming into a corner. Setting off again at the bottom end of the pack, I rode a solid race to fight back to 4th place at the flag, which made the mishap in the previous Moto a lot better, managing to secure 4th overall.

A good weekends racing finishing 4th overall.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for their continued support.

Overall Results for the weekends:
Ben Watson
Jake Millward
James Harrison
Dan Thornhill

Image courtesy of Red Bull Pro Nationals


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