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Cusses little cracker!

Cusses little cracker!

The ACU Express Insurance British Youth Motocross Championship visited the Cusses Gorse track near Salisbury in Wiltshire for Round five, and what a cracker of a meeting it was. Organised by Hucklebridge Events this one was one of the best this year, with Mark and Emma working tirelessly all weekend, and with a Justin Barclay pristine prepared track, the riders and their families enjoyed some excellent battles on the race track, along with a host of off track entertainment too. Congratulations must go to the organisers, and the merry band of helpers for an excellent weekend, along with all the riders who showed this Championship is on the way up to being the best in Great Britain with some great battles and excellent displays of skills, in all the classes.


Cobra Junior 65

Conrad Mewse came to this meeting leading this class, and he did not dismay as he took the lead in race one and went on to take his first win of the day, leaving his closest rivals Sid Evans and Henry Williams to fight it out for second place, Williams finally got the better of Evans to take second, Williams coming home third. Race two and Evans took the lead with Mewse and Williams giving chase, Evans with one lap to go went missing from the lead and the race with bike problems, and Mewse took over and went on to take his second race win, Williams finished second with Hughes third. Evans must have been distraught after leading the race for gremlins to rob him of his win. Day two of racing and Race three for the young pilots saw Mewse hit the front again, with Piper, Evans and Hughes hard on his back wheel fighting for position. Mewse again took a start to finish win, with Evans taking second after a good battle with Hughes who took third, just in front of Piper. Race four and Williams hit the front with Hughes and Jack Camwell fighting for second. David Keet was next in line with Mewse who got a bad start just behind him. Mewse fought his way to the front and took the lead on lap three and went on to take another win, Williams claimed second, and Evans got the better of Keet to take third. The final race of the weekend race five saw Mewse get another win and a maximum of all five race wins, while Evans took second with Keet claiming third. Williams was in the running but had a big crash which saw him off to the ambulance. Mewse took the overall and a 115 points lead after winning all the races. Williams took second overall and had to be carried to the podium to collect his prize, what a brave young guy. Third place went to Keet after some good rides his first podium of the year.

PAR Homes Small Wheel 85

This class was again another test for Par Homes Honda rider Ben Watson to test his metal as the following pack were after him again after the last round loss of his maximum of wins. He didn’t let it get to him as he blasted off a race one win with ease. Bikesport KTM rider Matthew Callaghan followed Watson all race long to take second place with Luke Cockburn taking third after a battle with Hardcore Racing youngster Callan Cooper, who took fourth. Race two and Watson again took a start to finish win, with this time hard chasing Connor Clark giving chase and claiming second, with Cooper and Callaghan fighting for third and fourth. Day Two and Watson was on form to take the race three win, with Corie Southwood and Clark fighting for second, Southwood took it eventually with Clark in third after coming through the field from a ninth place on lap one. Race four and a upset after Southwood and Liam Knight hit the front, Watson got them before the end of lap one, and was on for another win until gremlins hit his bike on lap four and putting him out of the race. Southwood claimed the win with Knight and Cooper in second and third. Race five the final race of the day saw Watson hit the front again leaving Southwood, Callaghan, Cooper, Knight and Clark all stuck together trying to get second place. Southwood took the second place, while Callaghan claimed third after getting the better of Clark, Cooper took fourth, Clark claimed fifth. Watson took the overall by just four points from Callaghan in second; Southwood claimed the third overall after some great racing all weekend. Clark, Cooper and Tom Neal rounded up the top six.


Big Wheel 85

Another of the Watson clan Nathan aboard his PAR Homes Honda took the Race one win after a very tight first corner, Jake Millward followed him for a couple of laps until series leader Ryan Houghton demoted him into third. Luke Norris was close behind the leaders until a mishap finished his racing for the weekend with a broken ankle. Jamie McCanney was also there and he was flying, he passed Millward and then took Houghton to take second place, Millward took third, Sunny Thompson fought his way into fourth. Race two saw Thompson and McCanney take off in front of Houghton and Watson. Thompson made a slip and McCanney took the lead on lap four and go on to take the win, Thompson took second, with Houghton taking third.


Race three on day two of racing and Watson hit the front to take another start to finish win, with Thompson taking second and Houghton third. Millward, Jordan Godwin, and McCanney all finished line to stern after some great battles. Race four saw Watson take another win, with McCanney, Thompson, Godwin and Houghton all battling for positions, Houghton took second and Millward came through to take third, after Thompson went out with bike problems. Race five the final race of the day saw Houghton take off at the front, with McCanney and Watson in tow, Houghton lead until a back marker brought him off with only two laps to go, Watson took over in the lead and went on to claim another win, a distraught Houghton finished second, with McCanney getting third. Watson took the overall with four out of five wins, Houghton claimed second, and McCanney took third.

PAR Youth Open

This class saw some great race battles all weekend, and a few upsets to Danger UK rider Josh Waterman, but not to worry as he increased his lead to 128 points ahead of second placed man Jack Rowland by the end of racing. Race one saw fellow academy rider Connor Walkley take the lead, with Waterman in second place and Luke Hawkins and Danny McCanney all breathing down his neck. Waterman hit the front, and went on to win from Walkley in second, Hawkins claimed third, with McCanney and Rowland finishing in fourth and fifth. Race two and Rowland took a start to finish win, with McCanney taking second and Walkley third. Waterman finished fourth just ahead of Hawkins in fifth. Day two of racing and Race three of the class saw Hawkins hit the front with Waterman chasing him down, Glen Fletcher and Jake Shipton were having a battle behind the leaders, but on lap six Waterman blasted past Hawkins and went on to take the win, with Hawkins in second and Walkley who had battled through from a bad start taking third. Race four and it was again a battle between Hawkins and Waterman and Rowland was there too. Hawkins held on to take the win, with Waterman settling for second, and Rowland in third. The final race for the top boys, Race five saw Waterman hit the front after Hawkins had lead for a couple of laps, Walkley, McCanney and Rowland also demoted Hawkins, Walkley claimed second, McCanney taking third. Waterman claimed the overall win, Walkley took second just one point in front of Hawkins in third, Rowland and McCanney took fourth and fifth.

Adult Expert and Junior Clubman

The Championship riders in both the Expert and Junior class had there work cut out, as they were joined by a great turnout of local riders and they meant business as the racing got underway. Ryan Pottenger again took all the race wins in the Expert class, but the Junior Clubman leader Zac Stealey was under a lot of pressure from Bobby Ellis, Jamie Cooper, the Stutt brothers Dean and Steven, and also championship man Peter Eccles. Beacause of the no points for the support riders, Stealey took the overall with Eccles claiming second and Gary Pottenger claiming third.


Report and images by Bryan Atkinson


Cobra Junior 65cc

1. Conrad Mewes(225 points) 2. Henry Williams (189) 3. David Keet (186)

4. Sid Evans (185) 5. Aaron Piper (180) 6. Will Keogh (174)

PAR Homes Small Wheel 85cc

1. Ben Watson (198 points) 2. Matthew Callaghan (194) 3. Corie Southwood (192)

4. Connor Clark (187) 5. Callan Cooper (173) 6. Tom Neal (167).

Big Wheel 85cc

1. Nathan Watson (218 points) 2, Ryan Houghton (200) 3. Jamie McCanney (198)

4. Jake Millward (190) 5. Jordan Godwin (180) 6. Ben Howell (171).

PAR Youth Open

1. Josh Waterman (215 points) 2. Connor Walkley (200) 3. Luke Hawkins (199)

4. Jack Rowland (197) 5. Daniel McCanney (194) 6. Connor Butler (163).

Adult Clubman Expert

  1. Ryan Pottenger (225 points)

Adult Clubman Junior

1. Zac Stealey (225 points) 2. Peter Eccles (210) 3. Gary Pottenger (200)

4. Martin Beacom (188) 5. Duncan Roberts (182).


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