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Cotswold Youth & AMX Club BSMA Semi final

Cotswold Youth & AMX Club BSMA Semi final


Cotswold Youth & AMX Club hosted one of the four semi-finals being held on June 13th.   After running a very wet and muddy meeting at the Bromyard venue a month ago the track had been graded to perfection and was in perfect condition. The Clerk of the Course even arranged a fly-pass by the Red Arrows.

Out first were the AMX group with Rhys Jones leading all three races but Dan Jageilski worked very hard coming from behind to take the three wins. Race two should have seen a different winner with Darrell Simms had an unfortunate tumble which spoit his chance. Joe Preston’s first race was a disaster for him but he really showed his speed in the other races to take a brilliant third overall. Mitch Walker’s second place in race three brought him right up the leader board to give him second overall on the day

Next we saw the Open Class  with a superb display of speed and skill from Ashley Thomas who took all three race wins, Adam Cook matched the speed of Thomas but a big get off detuned him but still raced to third position. Rob Lewis looked at home on the big Honda and gained enough points to claim second overall. Ryan Bawn , Chris Morris and Richard Lloyd completed the top six

Senior’s was dominated by Dan Thornhill but the racing was real cut and thrust stuff as the senior racing is these days. Karl Haycock put in a brave performance in race three on his Husky and made Thornhill work hard, but Haycock slipped off which enabled Thornhill to take the maximum. Consistency paid of for Liam Wright and JackTimms (125cc). Tom Herbert and Nick Morris completed the top six

Big wheels saw Jack Gardner take three dominating wins on both 2 stoke and 4 stroke machines. Four points covered the next three positions which were disputed by Alistair Evans in second Rob Holyoake in third and Taylor Vernon in fouth. Two more Cotswold riders completed the top six with Joel Hughes and Dan Craig.

A full grid of frantic small wheels was lead by the low flying Danny Lanfear, the battle behind him was the Suzuki’s of Rob Yates and Tyron Cleaver. Henry Williams and Dan Wheeler pushed their KTM’S to the limit enthralling position swapping from all rider’s. Luke Craig took a brilliant fifth spot two points clear of Jordan Saunders.

Last out were the Juniors and after his overall win at the Rhayader Cub’s National  Alex Walton has matured into one tidy rider not lacking speed the tall youngster liking of the reversed Bromyard circuit by taking another overall.Owen Woodhouse did not give up chasing Walton in all the races as did Ryan Rowlands on Woodhouse. Callum Gasson rode to a creditable fourth spot two points ahead of Brooklyn Evans with Jamie Evans completing the top six. A mention must go to Brad Priest for a brilliant effort but a tumble in race three put him out of the top ten.


1st Dan Jagielski         Warley Wasps

2nd Mitch Walker         Warley Wasps

3rd Joe Preston           Cotswold

4th Ash Newton           Cotswold

5th Dan Berry              Cotswold

6th Matt Luce             Cotswold

7th Dan Wilcox            Cotswold

8th Joe Price               Cotswold

9th Ben Pearson           Severn Valley

10th Chris Price            Rhayader

Amx Open

1st Ashley Thomas      Cotswold

2nd Rob Lewis             Severn Valley

3rd Adam Cook            Cotswold

4th Ryan Bawn             Cotswold

5th Chris Morris

6th Richard Lloyd        Severn Valley

7th Scott Arnold        Warley Wasps

8th Matt Colley           Cotswold

9th Chris Price            Rhayader

10th Gary Gittings       Cotswold


1st Dan Thornhill        Severn Valley

2nd Liam Wright        Cotswold

3rd Jack Timms           Cotswold

4th Karl Haycock         Cotswold

5th Tom Herbert        Warley Wasps

6th Nick Morris                    Cotswold

7th Emerson Jones     Warley Wasps

8th Chambers Whittle          Cotswold

9th Adam Morris        Rhayader

10th Luke Morgan        Cotswold

Big Wheel 85cc

1st Jack Gardner        Cotswold

2nd Alistair Evans       Cotswold

3rd Rob Holyoake        Cotswold

4th Taylor Vernon       Cotswold

5th Joel Hughes         Cotswold

6th Dan Craig              Cotswold

7th Lewis Hughes       Severn Valley

8th Gareth Artus       Severn Valley

9th Hyell Mills            Cotswold

10th Jordan Bevington Cotswold

Small Wheel 85cc

1st Danny Lanfear        Cotswold

2nd Rob Yates             Cotswold

3rd Henry Williams      Cotswold

4th Dan Wheeler         Cotswold

5th Luke Craig            Cotswold

6th Jordan Saunders   Warley Wasps

7th Harry Linton         Cotswold

8th Tyron Cleaver       Severn Valley

9th Alex Barter                   Cotswold

10th Ryan Deacon         Cotswold


1st Alex Walton           Rhayader

2nd Owen Woodhouse  Warley Wasps

3rd Ryan Rowlands       Rhayader

4th Callum Gasson       Cotswold

5th Brooklyn Evans      Cotswold

6th Jamie Evans         Cotswold

7th James Bates         Cotswold

8th Luke Woodhouse   Warley Wasps

9th Fenton Bourne      Cotswold

10th Alex Lancett        Cotswold


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