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Busy time for Kevin Strijbos

Busy time for Kevin Strijbos

Busy time for Kevin Strijbos

No one can accuse Kevin Strijbos of being slack in his work. Last week, as so often during the course of the season, he kept up a punishing training- and racing schedule. His week started off with a bank holiday race outing at Langrish. Not any race, mind, but a British championship event. Even though he is leading the championship, or maybe because of it, there is some pressure on his shoulders to maintain the fine track record he has said thus far.

Fortunately for Kevin, the Langrish outing went off without a hitch. Three holeshots and three race wins is as much as any team could ask for, and  this helped him along in the championship stakes just fine, so much so, that he could look forward to wrap up the title chase at the next British Championship event, all being well.

This was just a prelude, though, for looming large, very large was the GP dreaded by so many. Dutch GP’s have been known to reduce beefy motocross racers to trembling wimps. The deep, heat-breaking energy-sapping sand of such track, of which Lierop is a prime example, is not to be trifled with, and apart from wringing every morsel of energy from your body, the specter of major disaster looms ever large.

Kevin is fairly handy in the sand, though, and he was not fazed by the prospect of this event at all. A solid qualifying race secured seventh qualifying spot for the HM plant KTM man. Despite the favourable placement on the start line, things did not go well for him in the first race. He pretty much had to scrabble his way back  from the very tail of the pack after a less-than-stellar start. He made his first big inroads quickly, but then fell into a non-rhythm, and battled to make progress. Despite battling a bit, he worked himself into a top 10 position to finish ninth.

The second start was much more to Kevin’s liking, and he slotted straight into the top 10. The going was getting tougher by the minute as the track assumed all the smooth qualities of a Patagonian sailor, but he nevertheless made good headway. He claimed a few prize scalps on the way to sixth in the race, good for a handy points haul. Kevin really wanted more from his day than eighth overall, but it was solid enough, and his sixth place standing in the world championships remains intact.

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