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Brad king at hafren bec 2010

Brad king at hafren bec 2010


I made my return to the British enduro championship competition at the hafren enduro this past weekend. It was my first timecard enduro since suffering a very severe concussion the week after round 1 of the series (muntjac) where i had achieved a very promising result despite being my bec comeback after a back injury . Unfortunately the injury meant that i had to take two months complete rest including missing rds 2&3 of the bec in Scotland as well as the first European championship round in France. I started to slowly get back on my bike at the start of may. The injury had made an even bigger impact to my riding than i expected and i struggled with confidence aswell as “keeping up” with the bike due to the effect the injury had on my fitness as well as my head. Thankfully i managed to make small improvements each time i rode and made my return to racing last weekend at the last rounds of the British enduro sprint championship. I started the weekend over a minute of the pace that i would have hoped to have been on this year but managed to improve over the weekend to being only 20second off.

So for the hafren i was just hoping to have a enjoyable event without any mistakes and make further improvement. The first day started well with my test times being better than expected. This helped my confidence improve although when i rode the “tight” check on the first lap i only had 3 minutes to spare when i knew that it would be going down by a further 7 minutes over the day. On the second lap it was due to be 4 minutes tighter so i needed to push on! Unfortunately i clipped my gear lever on a tree stump not long into the check which bent it around my footrest. This meant that it was a struggle to change gear and keep my boot on the footrest. But i carried on pushing hard to tryed and limit the damage. When i made it to the end of the check i was surprised and pleased to see that i just managed to make it in on time J the rest of the day went well staying on time on the last lap and my back to back times on the mx test being better than expected. Also when looking at the results i was pleased to see that due to some riders having problems or inconsistency i managed 19th o/a in the championship class and 3rd e3 class rider J

On day 2 i awoke feeling the effects of day 1 but was looking forward to making more improvement. My first two tests went very well being more competitive than day1. Unfortunately on the first lap off the checks i started to feel the effects of my rear shock starting to leak. I made the hard decision to change the shock which meant that i fell over ten minutes behind time. With no other championship riders losing time i decided to clock in early which meant more penalties but i could ride the back to back tests with the rest of the class. I struggled with physical and mental tiredness and trying to get my head into gear for these last tests knowing that i was so far behind anyone with the time lost. Due to this i was only 24th in the championship and 5th e3.

Overall I’m pleased with the improvement i made this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has helped my recovery from my injury’s especially my family and friends, Rob Sartin, Steve plain, john shirt, the gasgas uk team and all the sponsors. My next event will be the welsh 2 day enduro at the end of the month. I aim to make further improvement, i know that there’s a long way to where i want to be but I’m determined to get there!


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