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Brad brings gold home from Germany!

Brad brings gold home from Germany!

Brad brings gold home from Germany!

Bradley King has returned from Germany with a gold medal for his efforts at the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE). The ISDE is an event which takes over 500 of the best riders from around the world to compete against each other for individual and national team honours.

Brad was competing for the St George’s club team and went with the aim to achieve a gold medal award for finishing within 10% of the class winners time.

Each of the first 5 days consisted of over 8hrs riding a day (over 1hr a day of which was spent against the clock on special tests, the rest on checkpoints over a set times covering many miles of German countryside. everyday included at least 250km’s of riding) and then the final day was a final “supermoto” race at the start/finish area at the sachensring road race circuit which also hosts motogp races. The German public came out in their tens of thousands to support the event and riders! schools were even closed with kids all wanting “high fives” and autographs from all the riders track side.

Brad started with a couple of shaky special tests before settling in and finished day one 21st in the c1 class.
Hoping to push his way into the top 20, brads second day started with some excellent test times which would have comfortably moved him up the order only to have two poor tests at the end of the day leaving brad in 20th.

Days 3 and 4 offered a new course for the riders which not only included some new tough tests, but also plenty of bogs and long steep, rocky hills on the checkpoint zone between tests.

Unfortunately king failed to gel with the new special tests and lost 4 minutes to his closest competitors on day 3 and dropped back to 21st c1 rider.

But on day 4 brad awoke with a smile on his face after hearing plenty of rain overnight! Knowing it would toughen the checkpoints even more meaning many riders could potentially face big time penalties on the time checks. although once again struggling to find good times on the special tests king made sure to consolidate his 21st and gold medal position by comfortably completing all of the checkpoints with plenty of time to spare, including having 6 minutes to spare on the second check each lap, on which allot of riders lost penalties having got stuck on the rocky hills which were lined with thousands of spectators.

The last full day of racing on day 5 once again gave the riders 3 new special tests. Brad wanted to “get back on it” on the tests whilst safely reaching day 6. king’s pace was picking up during the day until a crash at the start of the 2ND lap bent his handlebars and gave brad a severe dead leg for the rest of day. pushing on whilst making sure he got to the end, the finish of the ISDE was within site at the end of day 5! still lying in 21st c1 rider.

The final supermoto race provided a party atmosphere for the riders, teams and the 20,000 spectators. the track included some of the motogp circuit and the grass on the infield. Getting a poor start brad cruised round, crossing the line to be greeted by many congratulations from the rest of the st Georges team and the British support team.

“It was a great feeling crossing the finish line to be greeted by some of the people that have given me such help these past weeks and months. it was a tough week but i have enjoyed it all and it was a great experience! i was a little disappointed by my riding on a fair few of the tests especially day 3 which cost me a top 20 place. But i was delighted to stay on time comfortably all week and no major problems whatsoever. i owe my gold medal to all my friends and family who put so much time and effort into helping me achieve my goal. there are way to many to mention and they know who they are, I’m very gratefull to them all plus my sponsors who helped get me there. including K4OFFROAD, TALON, MICHELIN, STEVE PLAIN MC’S, GAERNE, AKRAPOVIC, FARMEASY, ROGERSHILL RACEWAY AND KRIEGA”
Brads next event is the weymouth beach race on the 14th of october.


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